President Trump 100, Liberal Media 0 -- The Best Defense Is A Good Offense


President Trump punk'd the dishonest liberal media in an astounding press conference yesterday giving them the beatdown they so badly deserved. And what a masterful job he did!

The left would like nothing more than to see President Trump grovel and beg the media. They are stunned that he has the courage to stand up to the medias relentless attempt to sabotage his presidency with false reporting, false propaganda and fake news. They relentlessly attack him with vicious lies and would like nothing more than to see him curl up into a fetal position and give up.

But it's NOT HAPPENING. He beat these nasty media punks like a rented mule. Every time they throw a punch he punches back twice as hard. It was BEAUTIFUL! He's the ONLY person on the planet who could pull this off... giving the leftist media -- that has been getting a free ride for decades at the expense of truth -- the comeuppance it so richly deserves.

FULL SPEED AHEAD PRESIDENT TRUMP. GOD BLESS YOU. Don't stop until they come out with their hands up! The best defense is a good offense.

President Trump 100, Liberal Media 0 -- The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

President Trump 100, Liberal Media 0 -- The Best Defense Is A Good Offense
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  • John_Doesnt
    Just put your fingers in your ears and yell "Fake news, fake news". Everything will be fine if you're willfully ignorant.
    Disagree 2 People
    • Yeah the fake news predicted Scottish independence, no brexit and a Hillary victory and after try to explain away why. I laughed the whole time at cnn.

    • Don't know what news you were talking about that "predicted Scottish independence" because there was never any chance of Scotland voting for independence from either the UK or the EU. Scotland lives off of welfare payments made to them by the people of England. They have a really sweet deal. The people of England work their asses off to pay taxes and then it gets sent to Scotland. Why would they ever vote to give that up. And as far as the EU goes it's the exact same thing. Only three countries: England, Germany and France actually contribute anything to the EU and the rest of the members are just freeloading leeches who get the benefits without paying for them. So there is a good reason why England wants out of the EU... they have to pay all the bills. But why would a country like Scotland want that gravy train to end? Anyone who can't see the fallacy in that prediction is just uninformed.

    • @Iraqveteran666
      I reread my last comment and realize that it might be misinterpreted. Please note it was not aimed at you. I was arguing the same point you were. As you alluded to it was the liberal media that incorrectly (and ignorantly) predicted Scottish independence because they have the same delusional view of the world that caused them to put up Hillary Clinton as their candidate (which you also alluded to). Your point is a good one and my comment was meant to expand on it. The liberal media looked like idiots on both counts. Just wanted to clarify my comment.

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  • Anonymous
    He has many good points, such as the media is so full of "hate/fear" it has been that way since I was a kid. Good to see someone, anyone call them out on it, and the rest of their Bullshit.

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