Indivisible: How the Liberals Can Use Tea Party Tactics Against Trump


The guide explains how to effectively pressure lawmakers—exploiting their political self-interest to get them to do the right thing—or at least not do the wrong thing.

Indivisible: How the Liberals Can Use Tea Party Tactics Against Trump

Ezra Levin, former staffer for Lloyd Doggett, is the spokesman for the movement and step-by-step guide.

Indivisible: How the Liberals Can Use Tea Party Tactics Against Trump
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  • jacquesvol
    The Conservatives have been playing hardball with the Constitution and with laws during eight years, to block Obama whenever they could.

    Would it be abusive if Democrats did the same? Of course: Conservatives have more rights than 'leftists' , don't they?
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  • BellePepper
    On one hand I hate that we're going to this really contentious way of legislating but on the other it seems to be the only thing the conservatives get.
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  • coolbreeze
    We have to see how the rest of this year goes. So much laws have been written and changed in such a short period of time and if this keeps up at this pace then thing's will be changed so fast before the year is up.
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  • PhilosophicalBull
    I think a better use of their time would be a little introspection to figure out why they are bleeding supporters, and reversing that trend.
    Trump got fewer votes than McCain, yet still won.
  • OrionH
    What is liberals? I am sorry I just have no idea it is.
    • sjoes006

      Great question and it varies by country certainly. In the US Liberals tend to, these days, fight for what may be considered Civil Liberties. The Conversative also like to fight for Constitutional rights such as freedom of religion and states rights.

      The two are often coming head to head on issues that both have merit. Religious freedom versus equal protection and such. It's sensitive and the Supreme Court usually gets to decide.

      Ask your history teacher for more info.

    • OrionH

      Oh so that is what liberals are Thank you.