New Trend in Turkey: Marriage Reality Shows


These kind of programs are on TV almost for 15 years. People apply there and introduce themselves and explain what are they looking for. If someone likes them, the producer invites him/her to the studio and they start talking with a partition screen between them. That's just for excitement. Some programs let them see each other from the beginning.

But it is not only the ones who want to marry watch these kind of programs. A great amount of people watch them in Turkey because they find it interesting and funny. They wonder what will happen? If the person who says no to everybody will marry or not?

New Trend in Turkey: Marriage Reality Shows

And of course there are some gold diggers! Like this woman who has become so popular after not finding the guy's salary enough for herself.

And there are really weird people on these programs. Here are some of them:

New Trend in Turkey: Marriage Reality Shows

This woman asking man's foot size because she thinks a guy who has big foot will have it big down there too.

There are even people who come from abroad to attend.

New Trend in Turkey: Marriage Reality Shows
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  • KnightCross
    i giggled with the guy in the 2nd video lol

    and from which country is the black chick in the last video? by the way i think the girl in red dances better than her. she shakes her butt much more smoothly and better
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    • Black girl is from Tanzania and the other one is Turkish. :D

    • yeah one thing that i need to admit it is that arabian girls really knows how to beautifully move her hips and belly when dancing. the way they shake their ass is so smooth and natural, not robotic like many girls do

    • thanks for the MHO

Most Helpful Girls

  • HappypersonT
    Interesting! Who would have known? Lol
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  • Anonymous
    gold diggers are everywhere
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