How To Deal with Trolls: Just Blow Them Off


Trolls are what can you do?

So, people like this are really good at being passive aggressive. They'll try and always seem like you attacked them, or they're right and you're totally wrong. You can debate and eventually win, but then they won't reply back! So you wasted all of your time, and it hits you that they never cared about the subject, they just wanted to vent. You can block or report, but that doesn't work on all sites, plus why have drama with people all the time anyway....The truth is that I <3 debating. But I've found out a lot of people just aren't interested and only want to fight.

How To Deal with Trolls: Just Blow Them Off

Another reason I hate fighting trolls, is because it's kind of like you take responsibility for them. They know they're just messing with you, and so if you try to explain things logically it won't matter. So it's like you try to make them be more mature, or listen and calm down. But they're totally ignoring your posts, and don't care about how they effect you at all.

I actually do like to just be totally silent and ignore them a lot too, but if you're like me and also just need to say something, then these two ways could help you.

Just say that you don't care:

So, you can just keep it simple. In whatever your fave way is, just tell them you don't care about what they say. It sounds childish, and stupid. It's like the polar opposite of how you want to sound, especially when you have a serious point. But it works great. The trolls either repeat what they said before and show you how it's all really nonsense, or they don't reply at all.

Trolls need reactions so if you don't, then they can't do anything. A tip would be to not say you don't care, and then add details. Like if you said "I don't care, I like x over y.", it's best not to do that in my experience. Like you can, but the trolls will use the "x over y." to get you to argue, like they'll make it really personal. So you'll have to repeat that you don't care, or have more useless comments to ignore. So if you just say you don't care, then they have nothing to work with.

Just say nonsense:

Trolls say nonsense, but can't work with it themselves. At all. So you can just say random things that have nothing to do with your point, and it works. The trolls will just be confused and leave you alone. It's fun to do this, a lot. It's so easy since you can just think of anything to say. And it makes the troll look stupid.

So basically:

The truth is that although trolls try to get you to react or take them seriously, it doesn't have to matter. Even if other people join in, they're just miserable too. That doesn't mean everyone disagrees with you. So instead of justifying your opinion, just...don't.

How To Deal with Trolls: Just Blow Them Off
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