The Number One Rule For Dealing With Internet Trolls

The Number One Rule For Dealing With Trolls

Yesterday, I met a troll. I meet many of those around these parts of the internet, but this troll was especially irritating. He/she had to put a bit of effort into the trolling, which is noted. This troll had to have found my kik name here, and searched the username so that perhaps they could find my instagram. They did, and they got pretty stalkerish with it. Said troll messaged me on kik, refusing to tell me who he/she was. He/she also insulted multiple things about me, from my weight, to my photography, to my boyfriend. It wasn't particularly hurtful, seeing as the troll was only tearing down things that no longer bother me much. I'm assuming that the troll came from this site, so I figured that some of you probably have the same issue. There's only one way to get rid of a troll.

Do not engage!

I'm a person who can't let a mystery go. I was messaged by a stranger who claimed to know me, but would not reveal their identity. I decided to stick around to find out who the person was, but I quickly discovered that I wasn't talking to a human... I was receiving messages from a troll.

This person started out harmless enough. We joked about a few random things, but then the jokes got more rude and unnecessary. A year earlier, I would have been upset by the comments made. Right now, there are a lot of you who could be seriously hurt by some of the words of an ugly little troll behind a screen. Here's what you do: nothing. Don't message back at all. Delete the person, and move on with your life.

Now, I engaged for awhile, and then I blocked the person. And yet, they were very creepily persistent. The troll made a fake account of me on kik and the messaged me with it. Pretty pathetic right? I engaged again, actually finding it kind of funny. Again, the jokes started out mostly harmless, but then bordering on dickish, and then full on rude. I blocked the troll a second time, just on the new account. Now we wait and see if this pathetic little man or woman, a fellow g@gger, has so much free time on their hands that they make a third account simply to harass teens.

If you find yourself with a troll infestation, simply ignore them. They'll get bored and go away on their own after awhile, and if they don't, then they're only wasting their own time by trying to bother you.

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  • I wonder why no girls do that to me lol
    Common just ignore. They are psychopath. When the starting time you know he is bad then just ignore.


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  • ok. what exactly is a troll?