Las Vegas Mass Shooting and the Left's Desperation for a White Bogeyman.


The left are desperate for a terrorist act to be carried out by a white individual so that they can shout from the rooftops about terrorism having no race and no religion. This is simply to deflect attention away from the main terrorist threat today which comes from the presence of Islam in the West and from Muslims killing people in the name of Islamic scripture.

Of course any individual of any race or religion can pull a trigger or set off a bomb, I don’t think anybody has ever suggested any different. Pointing out that a white person is capable of or has carried out an act of terrorism does not negate the glaringly obvious connection between the presence of Islam in the West and the disproportionate number of terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims

Las Vegas Mass Shooting and the Left's Desperation for a White Bogeyman.

Terrorism is defined as an act of violence carried out to achieve political or ideological aims, and carrying out terrorist acts in the name of Islam fits that definition. Those on the left are desperate to separate terrorism and Islam because it doesn’t fit their multicultural diversity narrative. That’s why they suggest that terrorism has no religion and that Islam is a ‘religion of peace.’

The left don’t want to talk about left-wing terrorism, black terrorism or Islamic terrorism, but they DO want to talk about ‘white terrorism.’ They want terrorism to be something devoid of racial or religious identity unless it is a white person involved and even less do they want to talk about the majority of victims being white.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting and the Left's Desperation for a White Bogeyman.

The most striking thing about the releasing of the identity of the shooter, was the amount of people who simply couldn’t wait to mention that it was a white person because it is just what they wanted, an opportunity to claim that white terrorists are as common as Islamic terrorists which of course is utter nonsense.

They also contradict their own narrative on terrorism when they point out the racial identity of the killer. When a Muslim commits an act of terrorism in the name of Islam the left go on the attack calling people racists and defend Islam for merely pointing out the obvious.

If a black person shoots police officers dead or walks into a church and shoots people dead then they go silent. When a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter shoots multiple Republicans there is not a murmur of condemnation, but when a white man is the perpetrator then there they are screaming about the racial identity of the individual. It couldn’t be anymore nauseatingly hypocritical.

Another thing the left have failed to mention, is that this white individual had an Asian girlfriend so he was hardly a ‘white supremacist neo-Nazi’ as the left would love to portray him. He appears to have been a fully fledged member of the ‘diversity is our strength’ brigade and was more than likely a Democrat anti-Trump kind of person.

You can’t expect the left to let inconvenient facts get in the way of an opportunity to demonize whitey however. Anybody would think that his racial identity had something to with the crime, yet he was in a biracial relationship, and yet still they point to him being white as if it him being white was his motivation.

The difference between Islamic terrorism and something like this, is that Islamic terrorism is motivated by the Qur’an.

After pointing out the inconsistencies in the argument of the left in relation to this, we must condemn the mass murder of innocent people and we would do that whoever the perpetrators were and whoever the victims were.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting and the Left's Desperation for a White Bogeyman.

Killing defenceless people in the name of politics or religion is the epitome of cowardess and we must all stand against it. That doesn’t mean we should ignore the threat that Islam poses and nor does it mean that we should be so foolish as to not understand the differing motivations for such acts.

May those who perished in Las Vegas Rest in Peace.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting and the Left's Desperation for a White Bogeyman.
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  • Dale1982
    Bang on mate. Media shite as usual. The white guy who rammed the Muslims outside the mosque in London apparently was a set up for political reasons. They had the headline in the propaganda soaked mainstream that the Muslim preacher protected him form a mob till the police arrived. People filmed the paramedics laughing and setting stuff up. It was all bollocks. They're desperate to balance this out 2 make it look 2 sided. Why do people still buy papers and watch the news?
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  • HikerDude
    The Left is on a mission to hit back at white men in a bilious and childish desire for "revenge." Revenge for what, exactly, is hard to determine.

    The bottom line is that the Democratic Party is a coalition of self-appointed victim groups who have all identified one group as their "oppressors": white men. As such, they want us to feel pain and to be marginalized in society. They want us ousted from our jobs, our homes, our lives, and, most pointedly, our country. They don't see any irony in this either. They don't see the ridiculousness in hating white men for building a country they want for themselves.

    As far as I'm concerned, they can just say "thank you" to all the white men who built America and go along their way. Otherwise, if they want to try to take from me, they better bring something more than an Antifa flag if they hope to have a chance of getting it.
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    • TheFlak38

      And while they want to do all this they still dont have a plan B. They merely want to destroy everything.

    • HikerDude

      It's a childish impulse. Don't get your way? Blow stuff up. They're like the entitled kids who blame their parents for every failure because they've been coddled into believing they're above responsibility.

    • Dale1982

      Time for a bit of surgery. It's a tumour thats threatening the mass so lets cut it out

  • metalsucks2
    Oh so you white people don't like to blamed but you like to blame entire races for the actions of a few?

    White racist logic:

    Black man commits act of violence = "all blacks are violent thugs send them back to Africa"

    Asian commits an act of violence = "all Asians are violent commies they steal our jobs"

    Indian commits an act of violence = "all Indians are bad they're rapists and scammers, they steal our jobs it's part of their culture"

    White man kills 59 innocent civilians and injures 500+ people = "lone wolf attacker he must've been mentally insane lets not jump to conclusions and not all white people"


    As a Indian person I don't like it when you white people say all Indians are rapists, scammers and we all steal your jobs.
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    • TheFlak38

      The only racist I see here is you. It is you looking at such incidents through a racial context.

    • Im not a liberal.

      And congrats on using pointless hashtags to deflect.

    • TheFlak38

      Your words dictate what you are and not what you claim to be.

  • BrittBratt2416
    Typical, so apparently anytime a white person does something awful we shouldn't focus on that we should be focusing on Muslims and brown people because their the ones who are really the enemy. It doesn't matter what evil or disastrous act a white man does cause white people can never do no wrong despite the fact we have history of all the atrocities we've done to other races/ethnicities and how it's still effecting everyone even now. This is simple deflection away from domestic terrorism cause the shooter happened to be white other wise if it was your average brown person, you all talk about how we need to come together and end the evil. White people only want the spotlight when it's something good to say about them but once you're spotlighting for some negative shit you want to step back into the shadows. How convenient.
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    • TheFlak38

      The marxist agenda is strong in this one.
      If this was domestic terrorism then what was his motive? Was it politics? Religion? Race? Something else maybe? You tell me.
      And what part of "Killing defenceless people in the name of politics or religion is the epitome of cowardess and we must all stand against it." did you not understand?
      As for your reference to past atrocities, this is all a point of view and all races have done that. Problem is you always and only blame White people for everything. You haven't countered any of my arguments in the article and I don't expect any of you haters to do so. It's one of the many double standards of anti-Whites. We can't collectively feel pride about our heritage cause "racism" but we must collectively feel guilty for whatever you call wrong and evil that our ancestors did so you can get everything White people built.

    • Everything white people built? You mean everything you took advantage off on the blood, sweet, and tears of channel slavery and the people. You didn't build shit but you sure like to take credit for it. Of course your going by the dictionary of what terrorism to try make some racist as point that he can't be a terrorist cause it only has to be political or religious. The freaking meaning of terrorism could change and say its only Muslim and you swear up and down by it and you know it. And since this man killed himself thats suppose to mean lthere wasn't any political stance behind it just cause he didn't leave a reason behind? Its still freaking terrorism and for you to deny it shows your entitlement that whites can do anything and should be scott free with no consequences.

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  • DonkeyRick69
    Good take. Left wing terrorism is back on the rise.
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  • JesseEllyson
    I understand that radical Islamic terrorism is a real thing, just as I understand that radical Christian terrorism is a real thing. That is what bothers me about the right-wingers in this country. They have a fanatical determination to deny any fault on the part of white Christians. White Christian terrorists do exist and, in this nation, they cause more trouble than any other racial or religious group.

    I happen to live in Las Vegas. What happened here was real. Don't try to politicize it for your own goals. That makes you look just as ignorant and evil as Trump politicizing the deaths of American soldiers.
    • TheFlak38

      Yeah don't you see the masses of innocent people that have been murdered by White (and specifically White) Christians? Something has to change with those evil Christians beheading infidels and force converting people and stone their women to death and flog people in public as if this is the year 1097.

    • I did specify that radical Christian terrorists cause more trouble than other terrorists in THIS country. So far I haven't seen too many beheadings here in the states. Statistics are on my side. Whites are responsible for more murder and mayhem in the states than any other group.

    • TheFlak38

      Give me a statistic.

  • zagor
    There is right-wing terrorism; see Tim McVeigh. But there is nothing in this case that indicates any kind of political motive or anything other than trying to kill as many people as possible.
  • Ironic_Pepe
    High IQ populations lead to the occasional nut job.
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  • Rissyanne
    Great Take!!!
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