Mass Shootings Myth: The Evil White Male


There is a common myth that comes in the aftermath of a mass shooting - evil white males are running around looking to gun down, or cage POC and women in order to achieve world domination. The sad part is that the majority of people in our society actually eat this narrative up because the media pumps it out every time, and it's well known that majority of US media has a left-wing bias to it, and no, Fox News isn't "right wing" media - it's been known to be centrist at most. Other sources of information don't help either because it's heavily caked in bias.

I digress.

The Gun Violence Archive which tracks every shooting that occurs in America cites every shooting, and from there we can break it down to find out the race of the perpetrators.

Mass shootings in 2018
Mass shootings in 2018
Mass shootings in 2019 thus far
Mass shootings in 2019 thus far

As we can see from both info-graphics is that the majority of mass shooters in America are indeed not white males. The erroneous assumption that people believe stems from the fact that most media outlets exclude gang warfare from their articles despite the fact that a mass shooting isn't defined as 4+ victims (excluding gang warfare). It's defined to include ALL shootings.

The media is certainly not helping in this regard at all since most shootings with a non-white perp get dusted under the rug then as soon as the media catches wind that it's a white male perp, the journalists are excited and filled with glee that they can pump out their anti-white narrative 1000 fold. It needs to change, and media outlets need to be held accountable for having liberal bias in their reportings. It's damaging us, and it's damaging America.

Mass Shootings Myth: The Evil White Male
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  • Starrk
    Race isn't the issue. And if you knew anything about the context you would know exactly why there is a difference in the amount of media attention given to Black and White mass shooters.

    The media don't focus on Black mass shooters because most black mass shooters are involved in gang activities and 9 times out of 10 their victims are usually rival gang members. The media doesn't glorify gang violence because 1) It's isolated to the bad area of a city and 2) They can't push the narrative that the victims were innocent people minding their own business. The media loves to attach themselves to tragedies where the victims are innocent people who had everything going for them, not some gang banger who already had 13 priors.

    White mass shooters, on the other hand, get more attention because most white mass shooters are NOT gang members targeting other gang members. They are usually unstable loners who generally attack locations that most people regard as safe havens such as churches, schools, shopping malls, Walmart, movie theaters, parties, etc. Their victims are usually law-abiding people (sometimes children) who just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    White mass shooters tend to target locations that make it easier for the average American to empathize with the victims. Most Americans do not live in ghettos where gangs run wild, but many Americans do go to places like Walmart, church, schools and shopping malls. So when a shooting takes places in one of those locations that we all usually congregate to, then it hits home a lot harder than some shooting that took place in say Southside Chicago a place most Americans will never go to.
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  • Passinggas
    Of the gun deaths, ~60% are suicides while 3% is accidental. The remaining ~37%, of that is over 80% gang violence. The reality is that gun homicides are overwhelmingly tied to gang violence and that is in the most liberal highly regulated hellacious cities such as Chicago, Detroit, etc. that are non-white. Liberals-Democrats-Cultural-Marxists seek so diligently the confiscation of guns because they know the citizens can still wage revolt and possibly a civil war en masse if they try to execute their dictatorship doctrine. They are now provoking white hate speech to instigate the psychos out there to cause electorate confusion. So, while there are a few evil whites the vast majority of the gun deaths are caused by non-whites.
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  • janna_jcb
    Why do we care about race when it comes to mass shootings? They are a symptom of an ill functioning society and it cannot be blamed on one race
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    • Anonymous

      Because most people care whether we like it or not. The constant barrage of anti-white messages from the media, Hollywood, politicians (such as Illhan and AOC) are not helping people see the real picture. If it is uncomfortable to you, that's fine but we have to face the facts due to a lying establishment.

    • janna_jcb

      Those anti-white messages only exist because the current government seems to be ‘anti-everything but white’

    • Anonymous

      Except that's not "anti everything but white". Thus proving you have also fallen for establishment propaganda.

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  • dantetheexplorer
    You are comparing apples and oranges.

    In fact, you even provided the reason why people react differently to mass shootings.

    People react differently because most people draw a distinction between:

    (i) a gang-related, drug-related, robbery/crime-related shootings
    (ii) mass shootings of random people

    I mean, this makes sense, don't you think?

    You don't see articles about all the men who shoot and kill each other in gang-related wars in Paris.
    But when the Charlie Hebdo shooting took place, the entire world knew about it.

    Most people don't care if gangs shoot and kills each other in a turf war.

    Most people DO care if someone starts shooting random, innocent people on the streets.
    Most people DO care if someone starts shooting concert-goers from a room in a hotel.
    Most people DO care if someone starts shooting CHILDREN and TEENAGERS in a school.
    Most people DO care if someone starts shooting random shoppers in a grocery store.

    The two broad types of situations you mentioned garner different reactions from people exactly because many draw a distinction between the two.

    It makes sense that news of one type of mass shooting doesn't make it to the world stage.
    It makes sense that news of the other type does.
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    • Anonymous

      The lie that is put out there is that WHITE MALES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR *ALL* MASS SHOOTINGS. The stats and definitions do not care about the distinctions. Only the rabble of emotionally-led sheep do. The fact is that majority of mass shootings are caused by black males. Unless we can face that fact then *gun violence* cannot be quelled.

    • AllieKaye

      There is something seriously wrong with you if you think that one is okay and the other is not. You don’t consider these people as mass murderers because of why they killed 4+ people? Are you actually fucking serious?

  • Nadim171
    There is a lot of black shooters. Hoever it is racist to label mas shootings as a white people's thing as much as it is bad to label drug dealing or rape as a black people's thing
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  • Rangers
    They're just looking for something to blame white guys about and mask the fact that people from their race kill 10× more people every single day and laugh about it.
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  • grega239
    I was just thinking about that bcs I was watching a video. It's funny how it's never mentioned that blacks are commiting genocide against themselves.

    It's also funny how race is always attached to these events despite it being almost entirely an American problem.
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  • WhiteSteve
    What were the circumstances though? The issue isn’t so much that 4+ people were shot and killed as much as that it was done AT RANDOM.

    I’m not that worried about someone who kills four people in—I don’t know, why do shoot 4+ people?— robberies, gang warfare, just anything with PRE-TARGETED victims, like “Jim, Mike, Bob, and Bill did ‘X’ to me, and I’m going to fucking kill them.” I’m not really sweating that, I’m more worried about just going to the mall and some lunatic just opens fire while I’m trying on sneakers at Foot Locker.
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    • AllieKaye

      There’s actually something really fucking wrong with you. You need professional help if you think it’s okay to kill someone because they fucked yo.

    • WhiteSteve

      @AllieKaye I didn’t say it was ok, I said I’m not worried about it. I’ll have to take my chances with robberies, I guess, but we aren’t entitled to safety and survival like we try to tell ourselves we are, that’s just a cute idea humans came up with to sleep easier at night. So I mean, “life’s tough, get a helmet”, or I guess maybe a Kevlar vest. Wish we could make those kind of assurances to people but we don’t live in Candyland. So I make it a point not to fuck anyone over to the point they’d need to eradicate my existence, and ditto for membership in a gang, so I see being a pre-meditated targeted murder victim or a casualty of gang warfare as highly unlikely scenarios. We had people murdered all the time where I grew up, it is what it is, but it was gang-on-gang type shit. If you weren’t in that life and out slinging at 3 AM or the guy with weight to be robbed by lower level dealers, you didn’t have much to worry about. You just walked out the next morning, there’s yellow tape on the block, and you continue on with your life. Meanwhile mass shootings are a threat to anybody who decided they needed something at the mall, or just showed up to school, or went out to a concert or the club, or a garlic festival, which had to be shot up just for me to even know such a thing existed. I would have to live in such a way and do such specific shit to get myself killed in some gang shit, it’s just not really a relevant concept to introduce when the very thinly-veiled agenda is to just try to deflect away from the fact that these crazy ass WHITE kids are doing a lot of the random mass killings, because people are worried they’ll get their guns taken away, ultimately. Any time a minority is the perpetrator in a crime, white people often immediately go to race as some defining characteristic of...

    • WhiteSteve

      @AllieKaye... the whole story, I hear it all the time in person, “these fucking (insert slur) are animals!” But when something like this happens, no one is talking about how we need to ship white people back to Europe where they came from, it’s just how it was some outlier and most people who look like them aren’t like that. I’m not here to defend minorities or condemn white people, I’m clearly extremely white myself, but I just can’t help but chuckle at the way these incidents get received by the public. Like your answer to a white guy shooting a bunch of random people going about their day should never immediately be producing stats about non-white people. Just say it was fucked up and move on.

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  • WTFever
    Since when does anybody expect the MSM to tell the truth? They have been lying to people since before the pilgrims got on the Mayflower.
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  • Atryn
    Lol yes evil white males, were the evil ones for being pushed and pushed by people until you can't take it they treat you like shit and bully you every day and they threaten you, you want someone to help but no help ever comes no one will ever listen. They are in so much pain they decide they will get back at people for treating you like shit your entire life. So they get their gun and get revenge the best damn way they know how, for pushing them and bullying them their whole life you don't expect them to finally lash out? To get back at the people who hurt them or just sat back and let it happen. They are not the monster in this damn story. You people keep doing it and wonder why he tried to get back at you? You people are the damn fuckers that are doing this to them.
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    • whites are not the victims never have been!! you wouldn't last a day in a black mans shoes

    • WhiteSteve

      I don’t know about you bro, but my life has been a relative cakewalk, tf are you complaining about?

    • So, when people hurt you, the logical thing to do is to murder random people?
      And somehow, your murdering random people on the streets doesn't make you a monster?
      How very... logical.

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  • AilsaGourly
    Excuse me but why does it matter what race and gender they are
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  • namelessyoungold
    It's not being black, white, green... It's about being a dumbass, in this case. Also, if you're green, you should go to a doctor.
  • mixedmagictwi
    Also this is fake and half of the people aren't mass shooters half of them are in for robbery
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    • Jackp0t777

      You have a very nice skintone.

    • thanks

    • AllieKaye

      Would you please name the one that are wrong and post your source on it? I’ve already looked this up. Also mass shootings is killing 4+ people.

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  • xyz94
    Great post.
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  • Anonymous
    Now sort them out by motivation, age, mental health, and pervious crime history