Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV


Wendy fainted on live TV yesterday!

Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV

She came back after commercial and said it was from overheating in her costume.

We all know what overheating looks like.

We all know what fainting looks like.

Overheating signs:


-tingling skin




Since I watched the show I can say I saw none of these symptoms here stated. No sweating, no nausea that the audience could see...

For overheating to take place it takes quite a while to get to that point - and if she didn't notice it before, how could it have happened so simply out of the blue?!

This video, although not banned or explicit in any way, is quite terrifying to watch, so be advised - a disturbing video up ahead:

Now, you can tell she looked like she was in shock, she looked positively frightened!

Some people speculate she might've had a stroke...but since she came back so soon after it, I doubt that's what happened.

Some people - the ones more inclined to conspiracy theories - say she was shut down via the MK Ultra project - as if she was brainwashed and 'tagged' by the government...

Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV

Some say she might end up like Whitney Huston - never to be heard from again. Why?

Maybe there are things she knows...that she can't tell anyone else about...

In any case:

Hopefully she's alright, hope she's healthy and there's nothing wrong with her in any way!

Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV
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