Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV


Wendy fainted on live TV yesterday!

Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV

She came back after commercial and said it was from overheating in her costume.

We all know what overheating looks like.

We all know what fainting looks like.

Overheating signs:


-tingling skin




Since I watched the show I can say I saw none of these symptoms here stated. No sweating, no nausea that the audience could see...

For overheating to take place it takes quite a while to get to that point - and if she didn't notice it before, how could it have happened so simply out of the blue?!

This video, although not banned or explicit in any way, is quite terrifying to watch, so be advised - a disturbing video up ahead:

Now, you can tell she looked like she was in shock, she looked positively frightened!

Some people speculate she might've had a stroke...but since she came back so soon after it, I doubt that's what happened.

Some people - the ones more inclined to conspiracy theories - say she was shut down via the MK Ultra project - as if she was brainwashed and 'tagged' by the government...

Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV

Some say she might end up like Whitney Huston - never to be heard from again. Why?

Maybe there are things she knows...that she can't tell anyone else about...

In any case:

Hopefully she's alright, hope she's healthy and there's nothing wrong with her in any way!

Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV
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  • lumos
    Yeah I doubt it was overheating, even though studio lights can be hot as fuq. The conspiracy theories are so dumb, lol. And I'm pretty sure it was real, even though at first glance it looks overly dramatic. How you faint depends on why you're fainting. In movies everyone always faints the same - eyes closed, with a sigh, suddenly losing all balance while the muscles soften. That's very stereotypical and not very accurate. I once almost fainted after a tiny surgery because of the local anesthesia, the doctor told me afterwards that it's normal to feel woozy because of the adrenaline spike in the anesthesia or something. Anyways, it was a very slow process. For the first 20 seconds when I started feeling unwell, my hearing suddenly got worse and it sounded like I was underwater. For the next 10 seconds, my vision got blurry and the edges started looking like static. Finally, around 40-50 seconds in, I could barely hear or see anything anymore, but I told the doctor I didn't feel well, and she and the nurse led me from the chair I was sitting in to a bed so that I could put my feet up. I would have passed out if I hadn't gotten to the bed. But during this whole thing I still had my eyes open, I could see and hear everything around me until the very last few seconds before getting to the bed. So not everyone faints the same.
    Had I been on live TV I would have probably looked the same as Wendy. It looks like she was freaking out internally, because fainting is pretty scary when it does happen. And not only that, she was doing it in front of not only a crowd, but also on live TV. That's embarrassing. To me it looked like she was just trying to gain control while freaking out, but then passing out.
    I think they went with the overheating excuse because they wanted to dismiss any serious questions regarding her health. By blaming it on overheating, she wouldn't have to share any personal info regarding her health and it could be swept under the rug while putting the focus back on the planned content of the show.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Could she have suffered a hypoglycemia attack ( low blood sugar) ?

    Thanks for sharing with us , yes this makes me wonder and i doubt
    that she suffered from being overheated and who knows we may
    never know the truth.
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  • kimmi862
    It might have been a seizure. When I saw this, it was exactly how people described me when I had a seizure. I had my first seizure in my life when I was 24 and it was around the time i was overworking, exhausted and tired. But when I saw this, I saw how people described what happened to me.
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  • BigRayFromNC
    CNN reported the real reason Wendy Williams passed out on live television is due to the fact while she was performing she did not know it but she had cut a really bad and loud Fart and the stench from it was like a 5 Alarm Fire at a Michelin Tire Factory and she could not get away from it fast enough and she passed out from the stench and the fumes!!!Wendy Williams Fainted On Live TV
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  • Ghassan2
    Looks fake, and this is coming from a guy who watches a lot of MMA and Boxing. I know how people faint, her eyes looked awake, this looks fake, but I'm not 100% sure.
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    • You sincerely think fainting from a trauma and fainting from internal issues looks the same?


    • Ghassan2

      Eaaaaasy. It's just an opinion.

  • MarkRet
    I always thought Wendy Williams was some punk white chick from the Plasmatics! Ok, I'll get serious. It was probably a combination of things. The costume, being up on stage with all those lights, and just the pressure of everybody watching you. Some people faint easier than others.
  • RuthAnn1781
    That was kinda awful to watch, I've never seen something like that happen before. It's good that she's okay now, hopefully whatever happened isn't a big deal
  • Belgie
    Terrifying? What planet are you defectives living on?

    MK ultra? OMG is there something in the water that makes you people crazy?
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  • thechico79
    it definitely looked like a mini-stroke, slurred speech and rigid body movement, an overheated body will slouch and sweat.
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  • damnwinter
    Ahhh... the mess!!!
    I say we won't help in any way by making a fuss about it and overdramatizing things. The woman is ok now. That's what matters.
  • Tanisha69
    I feel she gave women a bad name. Guys already think we are weaker etc. and having a fainting spell just plays into that. If she was feeling bad she should have stayed home.
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    • ayylamo

      But women are weaker! ... physically

    • Tanisha69

      @ayylamo Yes but we don't go around fainting. And I'm not that much weaker than the average guy, I am a strong girl and in shape. I could take some out of shape coach potato. :)

  • BrittBratt2416
    she looked bugged out, like she woke up from something and was reaching her head like "where am I?"
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  • Yeah I saw that. I thought it was a stroke because her face kind of droops at the beginning.
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  • PrettyKitty31
    I would have though that was a stroke the way her speech went a little funny
  • lovelyhoneybones
    Wendy's the most dramatic bitch I ever came across. I wouldn't be surprised if she faked it.
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  • Likes2drive
    It almost looks fake, that’s not usually how someone passes out
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  • Keenisha
    I guess we know how she doing
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  • yulbsari
    Not quite sure why I should care about this. I don't really care what happens to celebrities...
  • StarLord1
    It looks like she was having a stroke or seizure to me.
  • Chubcheck
    It's the drugs. I know some girls who go through these same ordeals. Dated a few. Trust me, it's the drugs.
  • Warmapplecrumble
    Lmao that was stagged. Looks so fake.
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  • jokery56
    thats so creepy!
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