Russia is Banned from the Olympics!


Russia has been banned from the upcoming Olympics.

Russia is Banned from the Olympics!

It has to do with a doping scandal Russia was involved in: it was proven, the International Olympics Committee found a widespread culture of Russian athletes cheating.


Using performance enhancing drugs - needless to say they're illegal...

Russia is Banned from the Olympics!

Nevertheless, Putin says Russian athletes won't boycot the Olympics. They'll be there, in full force, they just won't be awarded any medals - no matter the quality of their performance...

Russia is Banned from the Olympics!

That's the punishment for being so familiar with performance-enhancing drugs.

The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company stated that if Russia was banned from actually competing in the Olympics they refuse to broadcast the event happening in South Korea next year.

Is this unfair to those Russian athletes who actually put in the effort and did everything by the book? Of course it's unfair!

Russia is Banned from the Olympics!

But with these kinds of regimes...all people pay for the sins of the many...or even the few...

What do you think of all of this? Is it fair? Unfair?

Should they just have tested

Russia is Banned from the Olympics!
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  • poopedmypantsagain
    I am glad they are banned it was about time someone stepped up to the plate and banned the dopers of the sport who figured they are so above ground no one would ever catch them, I think eventually the Olympics are going to be scrapped anyways as it seems to me that every year they get more and more expensive to put on for the two weeks they are there for.. then once it is over those costly places that were built by mostly taxpayers are abandoned

    and besides there are way to many sporting things going on now.. where does it all end, I would like to see the money wasted on things like those events go towards fixing this planet and stopping the starvation that many countries and people go through on a regular basis, but that probably will not happen as this is a greed stricken planet and a corrupt world we live in where money is power and the governments that could make a huge difference choose mostly to turn a blind eye in the name of that power and greed.. all one can do is hope thee world one day clues in before it is just to late to do anything about it, my opinion and I am entitled to it same as anyone else thank you take care now.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Femdomina
    LOL, USA sport teams have been using illegal substances since the beginning of the Olympics, but they were never banned because they run the political agenda allied with the British and French, against Russia, China and other political "misfits".
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  • Nivinxus
    Apparently Russian athletes who believe they aren't involved in the drug incident can appeal with relevant evidence that they weren't involved with the doping scandal. Should the Olympics board give the okay, the Russian Athletes will be permitted to enter the Olympics but they won't enter under the Russian flag, but rather a neutral flag.
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    • Caaarl

      Sounds like a fair conclusion to me.

  • JustAnotherGirlie
    Y’all are really coming off pro-Russian in this app. I mean, I think Russia shady as hell and they seem like they’d want another Cold War. But about the Olympics... eh. I think they weren’t the only ones doing it but they definitely did get caught. As they should.
    Some other countries try and cheat too, so I can’t single them out for doing that as if they’re the only ones
  • throsetwarrbeler
    All athletes cheat, who was that bike guy with one ball, forget his name, got away with it for yeats, Bradly Wigins, pretends to have asthma so he can get a medical use exemption, we all know he's cheating, one of the East German Olympic women took so many steroids she turned into a bloke, all footballers fall over in the penalty box, remember that sword fighter who lived his sword so it went beep even though he hadn't touched the other guy, in F1 the driver who's got less points l
  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    It is fair. It was a STATE SPONSORED doping so therefore they can be banned for now, the Russian government itself cheated so you gotta punish the cheating country.. The Russian athletes are let down by their government. However they can still compete in a neutral flag as it it's been said, to be decided next week. I think they should be able to compete.
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  • SnowHearth
    It's not the "regime" is something darker, it's something political against Russia...
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    • zagor

      Are you denying the doping allegations? This is the Olympic Committee's decision, not some government.

  • oddwaffle
    The reality is this: EVERYONE cheats. Russia is just dumb enough to get caught cheating.

    "If you aren't cheating, then you aren't trying hard enough."
  • Waffles731
    Russia's pulled a lot of shit in the past couple of years and I hate to defend them, but in this case I think its not that russia was doping its that they got caught, cause their definitely not The only ones,
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  • MarkRet
    It's fair. Russia has been pulling this crap for decades. They just happened to get caught this time. The things is, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Individual athletes, and various sports organizations from other countries have also been doing it too. It wouldn't surprise me if US athletes are also doing it. Remember the East German women swimmers? They actually looked like men from whatever they were taking. Is a gold medal really worth anything if you cheat to get it?

    I don't even watch sports anymore, because anytime some athlete does ANYTHING extraordinary, I don't believe it, because they might be doping, or doing some other kind of cheating. Of course, when they get caught, they deny everything, so they're not only cheaters, they're liars as well. Maybe we should just do away with the Olympics. It's become kind of a joke.
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  • Trumpster666
    The truth is that every athlete at the Olympics is doing it. I feel this was more a political thing than concern about steroids.
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  • vishna
    Wow, I did not see that coming. Are they for banned for summer or winter Olympics?
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    It’s definitely fair given that it was run by the Russian Olympic committee, although it's definitely pot meeting kettle given the ioc’s history
  • SlavicAmericanGuy
    Only a clod would believe that decision is due dopping issues. This was a decision taken 100% by political reasons. Politics are ruling the sports world and, just as an example, it's killing the NFL.

    Russia will never surrender to western imperialism and russians don't care about being called as "the enemies of free world" by the same hypocrites who aren't nor free nor friendly and preach about peace and tolerance.
    Because of this anti-russian hatred, my great native country suffered a POLITICAL boycott in Winter Games.
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  • mrkdvsn
    Let the athletes who have actually been convicted of this be banned, but not all the other athletes from this great nation
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  • Jayson101
    They are going to the Olympics anyway because this is political Propaganda. The countries are showing each other up for high political reasons
  • Omega_brie
    Everyone dopes, Russia just got their government involved in it.
  • ImMackFreeze
    I thought this happened years ago?
  • LegateLanius
    Why not just test everyone?
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  • jacquesvol
    Should I care?
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  • Heimatlosigkeit
    Are you happy?
  • cupidkisses
    i am surprised.
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