How religious freedom is being ERADICATED from west Europe


In Europe since the Enlightenment Era, its been the cradle religious freedom, the sacred, spiritual self expression, and critique of all religion is respected for all religions. However, since 2015, there has been a steep increase in attacks on religious monuments and symbols.

Muslim political activity for the destruction of European existence.
Muslim political activity for the destruction of European existence.

Attacks on both Christian and Jewish religious symbols, temples, monuments, cemeteries, schools have been damaged, plundered, defecated on and plundered. Arson and iconoclasm are also common.

Most attacks have not been classed as hate attacks, however, Gatestone found that most attacks have been religiously and politically motivated. There notable absence of attacks in East Europe.

The correlation between migration and disintegration of religious freedom cannot be denied.

France and Germany have the highest concentration of attacks with a shocking 3 attacks a day for France, and 2 attacks for Germany. There have been attacks in Belgium, UK, France, Ireland and Spain as well.

Burning of the Notre Dame in Paris.
Burning of the Notre Dame in Paris.

According to the data of the Gatestone Institute, 3000 churches and religious symbols have been attacked and destroyed in West Europe.

Police continue to censor the ethnic, religious and political background of perpetrators. Although there is little data on the demographic of perpetrators, it is believed most attacks are of religious, anarchist, neo-nazi, radical feminist, LGBT and satanic nature.

Protestant Reformation, also known as the Reformation Wall, was vandalized with multi-colored paint forming a rainbow, a symbol of the LGBT groups.

Jews protesting against antisemitism in Erfurt, Germany
Jews protesting against antisemitism in Erfurt, Germany

More and more Christians and Jews are advised not to wear religious symbols, such as crucifixes and Kippah. This is a worrying sign of decline in religious freedom in Europe.

In 2018 anti-Semitic acts in France increased more than 70% compared to the previous year.

There is a clear absence on attacks on Islamic temples, symbols and monuments. Most attacks are directed at Christian and to lesser degree Jewish monuments, symbols and temples.

There has been also total lack of reporting of anti-Christian attacks by mainstream media, but abundance of media coverage in the few isolated anti-Islamic attacks, exposing painful biases and prejudices.

How religious freedom is being ERADICATED from west Europe
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  • tallandsweet
    I agree with you to some extent, but your arguments are one-sided. I was born in Austria, where women mustn’t wear a Burka, which in my opinion is against people’s religious and personal freedom just like antisemitists attacking synagogues.

    Austria is an interesting case and has a history of oppressing religious freedom while promoting Catholicism, for example they are now discussing a law to ban hijabs for all girls below 14 (which is a good idea because in Austria, children/teens are legally allowed to choose their religion at 14), while insisting on a cross hanging in every classroom. This is outdated, especially in Vienna, where there are few catholics and more non-catholics in the classrooms.

    My point is that we need to accept others just like they need to accept us, and I believe that the state, laws, parliament and so on should be completely segregated from religion.
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    • Austria is not west Europe, its central Europe.

    • You mentioned Germany in your post, how exactly is Germany Western Europe and Austria isn’t?

    • Apparently Germany is also central Europe.

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  • MajesticTwelve
    There's only one solution to Islam now, and it's not peace. The longer we wait, the harder it will be. Demand the government remove them, now, and if they refuse to leave, well, you don't ask again.
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  • TadCurious
    This is the long term strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood known as "Civilization Jihad." The West will fall to Islam not by armies but by mass migration and demographic change. The absence of these attacks and desecrations in Eastern Europe is due to many of those countries opposing the globalist agenda of the Left and its open borders philosophy. Leaders in those countries, as well as in Hungary and Austria, see what is happening in Western Europe and recognize that that is how civilization dies. The central issue of our time is whether or not Western Civilization has the will, self-confidence and fortitude to survive.
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  • NorthwestRider
    I think all religions should crease to exist no matter if it is Christianity, Islam or any other religion

    You can't have religion or freedom/human rights at the same time
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  • Dihiya
    1) Why would you put the photo of "Notre Dame De Paris" burning? What's the point? do you want to pass it as terrorism/hate crime act? (that really discredits you... I mean how can you believe someone who uses this as an argument ?)
    2) why did you put photos that look photoshopped of women in niqab holding banners written in English (it's France, shouldn't it be in French?) and ignored all the freaking other immigrants completely assimilated were they live?

    So if you hate refuges that much why don't you stop selling terrorist groups/oppressive governments arms ahem#canada#usa#russia#ahem? Or better protecting their rooted leaders/government officials ahem#belgium#ahem (which are the cause number 1 in the declining state of these countries)

    And talking about hate crimes, it was a white radicaliste who committed a mass shouting taking a dozen of lives and not a Muslim !! And most shooting are always done by white mentally ill depressed white people (teenagers) . You're not even tolerant by the way yourselves didn't the catholic and protestant massacre each other at some point? Wasn't Europe so oppressive against the Jews at some point? (while they were safe and secure in muslin countries!!) so would you stop spreading Islamophobia !!! (oh, and rest assured your countries don't hand visas even for people wanting just to visit, so there isn't more you can do).

    Conclusion : You European/Americans are so selfish, you like the honey but not the bees, If you have interests in countries you won't even try to emigrate but invite yourselves, live your best life there, then withdrew leaving them miserable, uneducated, with lowlifes in power and support every spoiled regime but complain about some refugees.
    • I needed a way for the mytake to be featured. This mytake is not about refugees or better called migrants.

    • Dihiya

      Then what is it about? bc it sure looked like blaming Muslim immigrants/refugees for the hate crimes and intolerance happening in Europe.

    • Nobody is being blamed, I think you might be reading between the lines a little too much.

  • J3nny
    Europe has been on its way down the shit hole for years
  • BlckGrl
    It's sad as hell.
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Nice mytake
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  • Anonymous
    Fuck Islam. That is all.
  • Anonymous
    Moslems need to GTFO from Europe and America
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  • Anonymous

    Hate crimes and government sanctioned or influenced surpression of religion are two different things
    • Anonymous

      Just curious what do you think of the conversion people in East Europe to Cristianity and outlawing what was deemed to be pagan religions?