Why not just kill all the cows?

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Why not just kill all the cows?
For years, we have been hearing sporadic reports of cow flatulence (farts) contributing to the greenhouse gas effect. At first, I just laughed because I am a natural skeptic, or because I have a sense of humor, or both. Now, apparently, the problem is even worse than previously projected.


As the cartoon suggests, many believe that cows are contributing more to global warming than the CO2 emissions from all automobiles worldwide.

It seems that this is a problem with which we could deal quite decisively and effectively. So why hasn't anyone from GreenPeace, Save The Whale, Audobon Society, Mother Earth, Inc. advocated killing all the cows? Could it be that the reason is that there are more cows registered as Democrats than as Republicans? Or can the environmental crowd not accept the planned extinction of a species to save the planet?

In any event. . . we could have a really outstanding barbecue!
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Most of you are missing the point. This was posted as a joke - tongue in cheek humor - and I thought that was obvious since I made a reference to more cows being registered as Democrats than as Republicans. A few of you understood!
Why not just kill all the cows?
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