A Russian woman jailed over a "OFFENSIVE" memes?

https://m.france24.com/en/mediawatch/20180823-memes-illegal-jail-russia https://www.BBC.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-45247879

Sadly this meme is true
Sadly this meme is true

Basically a Russian woman is facing 6 years of imprisonment for posting and saving very hateful and OFFENSIVE memes and radical extremism, you must wonder what is so OFFENSIVE of the memes she was posting and saving, it is was anti religion/criticism of religion mostly orthodox Christianity, which a lot of religious people got triggered and then the local churches claims counts as hate speech against religious people which can imprison a person for years and also count as radical extremism.

Which the woman is facing became of JUST posting and saving memes. What do you think.
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Hurting the feelings of religious people can land you in jail in Russia wow
A Russian woman jailed over a "OFFENSIVE" memes?
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