Does wenis size matter? How do you measure it?

I’m not looking for validation. I feel like I personally have a pretty average-size wenis, but friends of mine have really large wenises, and it makes me sort of uncomfortable. I’m totally not insecure or anything like that. I’m just wondering, and def not out of desperation, just if wenis size matters?

And yes I know it shows a pink account. I probably just somehow messed up at sign up. Don’t judge me!
Wenis size matters
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Wenis size matters only on some days of the week
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It’s not the size of the wenis, it’s how you use it...?
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Wenis size doesn’t matter
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I don’t have a wenis, so I can’t help you out
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Here's a pic of a wenis for comparison:
Does wenis size matter? How do you measure it?
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