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How much does size really matter?

I have always been told I am very beautiful, complexion, hair, and eyes, etc.. I guess I am an average weight, and I don't look bad, but I could look better. But it always gets to me how all the GUYS in my grade, except for one or two, are shorter and thinner than me. And the biggest guy in my grade is only 10lbs heavier than me. And taller by maybe 5-7 inches. He's like 5'10" and 160lbs, I'm like 5'4.5" and 150lbs. I makes me feel like utter crap, and I'm not very confident because of it. I know I could probably lose 15-20lbs and look great, maybe even 30, but if I could be content at this weight I'd stay. Because I'm healthy, and work out etc.. But do guys care, if I'm bigger, or the same size as them? The kids in my grade are 15-16 years old, will the guys still grow more?

There is this guy I really like, he's sweet and perfect, but he's maybe an inch shorter than me. I know I would feel awkward if we were ever together. People have even said "You and him would be a perfect match, if only he grew a couple inches." Without even knowing I like him, but I would just be too paranoid of feeling like the man or something cause I'm too big. So, opinions? I'm sorry this turned into a little bit of a rant, but really how much does size matter?
How much does size really matter?
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