Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

Yeah, you may not have that special someone...but you sure can feel amazing, you can be the hottest you can be and most importantly - most relaxed!

Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

Face Care

- Steam your face for 10-15 minutes over a hot water pot (you can add some nice smelling herbes to it for aromatherapy)

- Take a scrub made from sugar and honey (mix them together find the consistency you like - pre steaming)

- Apply scrub to your face to exfoliate dead skin

- Wash off and hold a warm towel to your face for a few seconds

- Apply mositurizer you love (the thicker, the better)

- Baby skin here we come

Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

Egg + Olive Oil Hair Mask

- Gives your hair more volume because of the egg protein and makes your hair softer due to olive oil.

- Put one (or two - depending on the length and thickness of your hair) egg in a bowl and 20-30 ml of olive oil in there too, mix it up and apply to your hair - leave in for at least 2-3 hours (but you can leave it in the whole day too, just don't go to sleep with it)

- Wash it off and there ya have it - results are instant

- If you keep doing it on a weekly basis (yes, once a week), you'll notice a change...a good one

Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

Coconut oil + Castor oil hair mask

- Gives your hair more shine and promotes hair growth

- Mix some coconut oil and a smaller amount of castor oil (because it's really thick)

- Melt them over a bowl of hot water

- Apply to hair - definitely can leave it overnight, just make sure you put a towel over your pillow

- Rinse in the morning

- Keep doing this once or twice a week (basically whenever you want to)...your hair will grow faster and it will look fuller because it awakens the follicles from which the strands have fallen out

Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

Body Massage/Cellulite Reducing Scrub

- Mix honey and coffee beans together to get a consistency that's thicker

- Apply on your thighs and wherever else you'd like - massage it in

- Apply extra pressure - massage for a longer period of time - where you do have cellulite or want to reduce the chance of it showing up

- Rinse off

- It will plump up your skin and help the blood circulation in those areas

Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

Foot Care

- Submerge your feet in warm water for 20 minutes

- Take care of the dead skin

- Wash off

- Put a thick wax-like consistency cream on them

- Put on socks and sleep with them on

- In the morning you'll literally have shiny, happy feet

Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

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Most Helpful Girl

  • That sounds amazing! A bath with a lush bath bomb, bubble bar, and bath melt 😍😍😍 or an at home facial with their products.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its my birthday and last year is when my now ex broke up with me.
    My twenty second b-day is going to suck


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  • I already exfoliate my feet because I get dead skin from standing all day, but I never thought to exfoliate my face. Great take! 😊

  • I have no Valentine
    there's no way I can feel good that day
    It's gonna be the most horrendous day of the year -_-

  • I love beauty tips:)


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