Home Remedies For Valentine's Day

Yeah, you may not have that special someone...but you sure can feel amazing, you can be the hottest you can be and most importantly - most relaxed!

Face Care

- Steam your face for 10-15 minutes over a hot water pot (you can add some nice smelling herbes to it for aromatherapy)

- Take a scrub made from sugar and honey (mix them together find the consistency you like - pre steaming)

- Apply scrub to your face to exfoliate dead skin

- Wash off and hold a warm towel to your face for a few seconds

- Apply mositurizer you love (the thicker, the better)

- Baby skin here we come

Egg + Olive Oil Hair Mask

- Gives your hair more volume because of the egg protein and makes your hair softer due to olive oil.

- Put one (or two - depending on the length and thickness of your hair) egg in a bowl and 20-30 ml of olive oil in there too, mix it up and apply to your hair - leave in for at least 2-3 hours (but you can leave it in the whole day too, just don't go to sleep with it)

- Wash it off and there ya have it - results are instant

- If you keep doing it on a weekly basis (yes, once a week), you'll notice a change...a good one

Coconut oil + Castor oil hair mask

- Gives your hair more shine and promotes hair growth

- Mix some coconut oil and a smaller amount of castor oil (because it's really thick)

- Melt them over a bowl of hot water

- Apply to hair - definitely can leave it overnight, just make sure you put a towel over your pillow

- Rinse in the morning

- Keep doing this once or twice a week (basically whenever you want to)...your hair will grow faster and it will look fuller because it awakens the follicles from which the strands have fallen out

Body Massage/Cellulite Reducing Scrub

- Mix honey and coffee beans together to get a consistency that's thicker

- Apply on your thighs and wherever else you'd like - massage it in

- Apply extra pressure - massage for a longer period of time - where you do have cellulite or want to reduce the chance of it showing up

- Rinse off

- It will plump up your skin and help the blood circulation in those areas

Foot Care

- Submerge your feet in warm water for 20 minutes

- Take care of the dead skin

- Wash off

- Put a thick wax-like consistency cream on them

- Put on socks and sleep with them on

- In the morning you'll literally have shiny, happy feet

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Its my birthday and last year is when my now ex broke up with me.
    My twenty second b-day is going to suck


Most Helpful Girl

  • That sounds amazing! A bath with a lush bath bomb, bubble bar, and bath melt 😍😍😍 or an at home facial with their products.


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  • I love beauty tips:)

  • I already exfoliate my feet because I get dead skin from standing all day, but I never thought to exfoliate my face. Great take! 😊

  • I have no Valentine
    there's no way I can feel good that day
    It's gonna be the most horrendous day of the year -_-