Is my ex-boyfriend happy with his new girlfriend?

My ex-boyfriend has this new girlfriend that he been dating for two weeks after him and I broke up so far their been having a good realtionship no arguing they spend a lot of time together his family likes her and her family likes him and everyone think that they are so perfect for each other she... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • They've only been together for 2 weeks, I hardly doubt that they perfect together. They haven't had a chance to fight yet and for her to tell him that she loves him is a little crazy. Personally, I think that their relationship is moving WAY too fast. He hasn't had a chance to get over you yet and that probably why he called you and told you those things. For him to tell you all that doesn't seem like he's completely into his new girl or really over you. Give it some time and see how things play out with the new girl but to me I don't see it lasting too long because it's really moving fast and could prove to be too much too soon.