In today's society, texting is, in my opinion, the greatest modern flirting tool out there. It is so ridiculously easy, guys, to get a girl hooked on you simply by following a few texting rules.

Now ladies, I do not know if you have some secret you use, but follow along, and see if you have ever fell victim to this sort of trick (I am betting you have).

So let's say a guy is at a party, meets a girl he is interested in, and gets her number. This is where many guys blow it. Many guys, once they get a girl's number, will bombard said girl with a horde of text messages/ calls, and the girl will get very fed up very quickly. So I am going to suggest a simple strategy, that works around 90% of the time.

The Strategy

The number one rule of texting is: DO NOT text her back right away. Leave her hanging for 20 minutes. She will be sitting there trying to figure out why you are so preoccupied with your time that you can't manage to text her back. Works like a charm.

When a guy gets a girl's number, he should wait 2-3 days before initiating a conversation with her. Why? It makes the girl think you have forgotten about her, and that you are not interested in her. This is precisely the thought process that gives guys the upper hand.

So let's say 2 days after getting the number, the guy initiates a conversation via text message. The girl will be surprised/ excited that the guy has finally contacted her. This will lead to a healthy conversation and a mutual good feeling.

The next day, day 3, the guy also needs to initiate contact via text message. This will show the girl that the guy is taking a deeper interest in her, rather than briefly talking for one day and never talking again. This will also lead to a good conversation that day.

Day 4. This is the "moment of truth" so to speak. The guy MUST NOT make any contact with the girl on this day. Why? This is a test to see if the girl is interested in him. What many guys do not understand, is that by you not contacted her, you are playing hard to get. Girls like 2 things: a challenge, and when someone takes an interest in them. So when you do not text her on day 4, she will, by her human nature, want to investigate. **Please note that some girls I have tested this on were also pretty good at playing hard to get. You may have to wait a few days, but in the end, she WILL initiate a conversation with you.**

Day 5, 6, 7. On these days, the guy should not initiate the conversation. Make the girl do all the work. Make her prove herself to you. Believe me, if she is interested in you she will. She will initiate the texting conversation these days, and not even notice she is doing it.

Day 8. On this day, the girl will realize that you are not interested in her. You no longer initiate conversations, as she has been doing all the work the past few days, so she will decide to go on strike and not text you first. What do you do on this day guys? Initiate the conversation. She will literally be all smiles as her previous thoughts were proven incorrect.

With just a week or two of texting, you can win over any girl you want. If you do not believe me, pick a girl of interest and try it out on her. What do you have to lose? And if any girl wants to challenge me, I say look at your past relationships, and see how many times you were left sitting there wondering what your boyfriend, or guy, was doing that was so important that he couldn't answer your text?

With texting being a widely accepted means of communication in today's society, someone needed to master the art of it!