My boyfriend is so much more popular than me... It makes me feel like crap when he talks about all his lady friends. what do I do?

It's a long distance relationship.


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  • I had to deal with this as well because I also had a long distance relationship. Without trust of your boyfriend it will be hard for you to keep the relationship healthy. I know guys with lots of lady friends and none of them date or anything like that. I have girls who are just friends, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Just trust him and maybe even talk to him about it and make him know that you are feeling bad about how "popular" he is with the ladies.


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  • Don't worry about it. There are far more important things in life than being popular. And often times, that popularity is based on a bunch of superficial garbage anyway.

  • Well as one who has had long distance in the past like this. This will be negative.

    1. It says you are under 18 I would not really pursue this it is just going g to get more complicated.
    2. There is a higher chance of cheating.
    3. You should consider someone who you can physical contact with as it will help down the road in relationships.
    4. He is trying to make himself feel better by bragging.
    5. You are young do not get to attached or start thinking soul mate.

    • I would completely agree, but I've known him for four years (im sixteen now) and he's a senior in highschool. I like my odds.

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    • I have to agree, unfortunately. Long distance relationships at that age won't end well most likely, if they do you got really lucky. Also, his #5 is something I see a LOT of younger girls do, and that is a mistake as well.

    • He is 18 your odds will go down once he goes to college or even graduate. There is a giant mental change that happens after on gets out of high school. Just my ex when she graduated and went off to college. She was completely in grossed with all the guys she was meeting. So much so the relationship felt one sided.

  • ignore him and don't give a damn LOL

  • You have to be with a person to love them. Its unavoidable.


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  • Sounds like this isn't worth your time. Why is he talking to other girls so much? date someone closer who doesn't need so much female attention. You're not chained to this relationship you know.