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Do white guys like black girls?

I'm a Black girl who is mainly attracted to White guys. Do any of you find Black girls attractive? Would you date one? Of the friends you have, how... Show More

Thanks for all your answers, guys! I'm currently dating an amazing guy right now! He knows who he is! ;)

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  • I'm a white guy who has really just started a relationship with a black girl. We're from Mississippi (The worst place imaginable for this kind of thing) and we've known each other for a few months through mutual friends. In March we started hanging out more and more and by the end of the month she was upset that people were talking about us being together and generally making us uncomfortable because we were worried about the other person being uncomfortable with the thought of dating a person of another race (which, by the way, neither of us have a problem with). I comforted her and asked if we could make it work, after that weekend the longest amount of time we've spent apart is 14 hours. We've had to separate for the summer since we're still college kids, but we're missing each other like crazy! Her family is a bit wary of me since they've yet to meet me, I still haven't told my Dad and Mom wasn't too happy to begin with, either. She's so nice and so special to me. It was odd at first, we both had problems fitting in growing up because we were smarter than our classmates, have odd habits and like to learn. I love her so much and sometimes when we're talking and she gets really sleepy, she lets it slip that she'd want to marry me one day... I could say the same if it wasn't so soon... I never had luck with women and to be truthful, not only is she my first black girlfriend, she's my first girlfriend, period. I hope that our relationship isn't temporary and that one day the time will be right to ask that beautiful woman to marry me.

    • Man I'm inspired by you cause I love black girls too but most of my relationships ended cause her parents didn't like white guys period

    • The devil has his dirt hand on you.

    • Wow, this is the same situation I am in however me and my girlfriend both live in England and now we had to separate because I went to uni in London and her being 1 year younger than me she has to study her last year of college and then hopefully we'll get to live together when she comes to study in London she's my first ever girlfriend and as in your case i'm white and she's black we don't care at all, and no body seems to really care but i would not replace her for anything in the world and just as you described we miss each other like crazy, we also talk about marriage and living together, i love our relationship, only thing that sucks is that i dont relaly get to see her so often which can get frustrating at times as i miss her so much my stomach starts to twist and feel weird, but when i'm with her it feels like i'm in heaven, personally; race doesn't stand stand in the way of love :)

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  • Color means very little, but unfortunately I grew up in a country that has made a big deal out of it. South Africa has a highly covered history of racism, and one of the biggest horrors that occurred was the 'mixed marriages act' that forbade marriages across the race lines. It also nullified any previous cross-cultural marriages that had already taken place. Fortunately that is now over, so mixed marriages are far more common.

    To actually answer your question, do I find black girls attractive? As I said, it matters little what color they are. What matters more to me is the girl herself. Are we compatible, or are we too different in what we want from life, or do we even have anything in common? That's what's important to me. I have found black women attractive, I can't deny that. The thing that matters to me, though, is whether we were compatible. Unfortunately the cultures are too different. One thing I might do that is perfectly acceptable to me, or even considered good manners, is the worst thing you can do to a black person from some SA cultural backgrounds. Also, some practices in their cultures can be a bad thing in my culture. In these cases, incompatibility is just too big an issue that will stop me from being anything further than thinking she's attractive. Some black girls that I've met are stunningly pretty, but because of this difference in culture and often beliefs, things won't go further. The same goes for any other culture for me. It's the behaviour and personality of the girl that makes all the difference in the world, not her looks. There are some cultures and ways of life though that I really like, though that's generally Asian, like Japanese or Chinese.

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  • I don't really care what race you are, you know, if you're attractive, then you're attractive. I have seen both attractive and unattractive white gals, and those of the other races. My friend never really talk about what race they want their girlfriend, and I do know of an interracial relationship.

    • Hello,

      my name is miss Anira I saw your profile today at and become interesting to know more about you ,i will like you to send me an e-mail to my box

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  • ill just say my friends like black girls too. its just depends on the black girl. she can't be straight from the hood first of all. She is more likely very Americanized and probably acts liike a white girl. she's definitely skinny and has a cute face. I'm not normally attracted to black girls but there have been some that have caught my eye.

    • Hello,

      my name is miss Anira I saw your profile today at and become interesting to know more about you ,i will like you to send me an e-mail to my box

      (anirawilliam@yahoo.com) my dear please send mail to me directly with my email address so that I will send you my nice pictures and also tell you my purpose of contacting you thanks.

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  • I'm a white guy who is 100% attractive to black girls,but where you from because I think its not a big think in england,has it is in usa.In england there's more interracial dating so I don't see a problem.In the usa they make a big thing about anything.White and Black people have the best looking babies has well.(u know I'm right).Black girls need to know they are sexy.And white men love them % this one does.

  • I love black girls and only date black girls because yall are so sweet and have great bodies.none of my friends care about race.its not important to me you should like whoever you want

  • I have a thing for my girl, and she is everything to me. I would date her over and over. LOTS of intimacy toward each other. She is seductive, fun, and has a great personality. A complete turn-on, yet that isn't all, I love her, ALOT, I have many dreams about her. Love is color blind, there is no stopping, I am not ashamed to call her my girlfriend, my soulmate, my lover...GAWD I love her so much! My friends probably wouldn't care if I had a black girlfriend, they would probably be jealous I have someone like her. I repeat Love is color blind, and I see her purity and her glow...she just makes me melt...I don't know what to say, I fell for my best friend <3

  • i would say they know how to take care of a man, very pleasant warm, protective, compromising.
    they are beautiful and have lovely nature :)

  • I'm a white guy, and I'm very attracted to black girls. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I just find them very appealing and sexy. I would love to have a black girlfriend. Of my family and friends, I doubt any of them would care. They've always had the "whatever makes you happy" feeling about such situations.

    • Be-careful, have a fist ready I've seen,in Detroit, white guy getting jumped for look at black women lol

  • First up, as a white guy I find certain black women hot like Rhianna, Halle Berry, K.D. Aubert, Rosario Dawson etc. If I could only ever have sex with one of these women for the rest of my life I would be happy.

    But I must say in the main I am more attracted to white women, Asian women and Hispanic women.

    I think there is some big race probelms also. I am Australian and I spent about 5 years in the States. I made friends with a really nice, pretty black women. I went around to her place one day to drop something off and one of her brothers and cuz's was there. They got really p*ssed about her hanging with a white guy. Funny thing was when they found out I was Australian, it was okay. Kinda like Australian arnt white or something. Or maybe they have big issues with their black women dating white Americans with all the bad history between them, yet a white guy from OS wasn't as bad? Don't know.

    In the end there was just too much drama around this chick, as sweet as she was.

    But from my experience there are some stereotypes about black girls that are a turn off. The whole "big and loud" thing is not my cup of tea. A lot of black girls play into this whole "Wannabe Gangsta killa" BS, where as white and Asian girls dont.

    But if I met up with what I considered a hot, sweet, nice, fun to be with black girl who wasn't surrounded in drama, I would be interested in being with her.

    I also have white mates who do find black women exotic and attractive, while others find them not so. Yet all my white friends find white women attractive.

    I personally also find lighter skinned black women more attractive than the straight out of Africa darker colour. But I also find northern, lighter skinned Asian women from Japan more attracive than the darker skinned more southern Asians.

    • All those stereotypes are crap. I'm black and yeah I have a kick ass attitude, but most of my friends are like that. I hang around mostly white people that listen to bands and have a lot of piercings, I'm is straight a student with college level classes and I am not loud at all. It's annoyig when people automatically assume that I am going to be loud and annoying when I hate when people are like that

  • I'm a White guy. I grew up in an area of Los Angeles as a minority White. It wasn't easy. I got the sh*t end of the stick of racism handed to me more times than I can count by Black people. However, I had Black friends too; more than a few. My first attraction to a Black girl was when I was fourteen. I thought she was as cute as cute can be. I really enjoyed being around her. Then there was sexy Linda, another Black girl when I was seventeen. She liked to roller skate. Every time I passed by her house she would come out and we would talk, or, if she were wearing her roller-skates, she would circle around me as I walked along talking with her. I say she was sexy because... Well, she was sexy. I never went out with her, yet, oh man, was that girl's form on my mind a lot! Then, when I was about 19, there was skinny Melanie-- intelligent, polite, and pretty. I used to walk home with her after work. We lived a few houses apart. She was very religious. Her father was a preacher. However, my thoughts about her weren't of a spiritual nature. Skinny or not, she had one nice keester. One time as we were walking home, some Black man yelled at us from his car that no decent Black girl would be seen walking with a White boy. I've had associations with more than those three Black girls, and the only reason I was reticent about getting serious with any of them was because I wasn't willing to put up with the crap that I knew would be headed my way from racists Black males. Maybe if I had let things happen; that is, gotten more involved with a Black girl emotionally, I would have been willing to weather the storms that I knew would come. If I had it to do all over again, I would. Hell yes, I would date a Black girl. There are plenty of cute, nice, fun, sweet, sexy, and attractive Black girls!

    • All I can say is don't feel sorry for yourself. I don't think bringing racism into this is the best response due to the fact. For centuries. is been white against, black, asains, hispanics, and natives. I don't condone what happened to you, Because being a Black person I know first hand what its like, and I agree that no one should ever have to undergo treatment like that. However, maybe you could pass that message on, to your neighbours and assist in this Century oldfight tostop Racism completely

  • I'm a white guy and I once had a relationship with a black woman. But my family was not too happy about it. Anyway, we had to break it off, she moved up to Michigan. I used to work with a young black woman and she used to hit on me all the time. But I could never tell if she was serious or just playing head games with me. I've had crushes on black women, but I did'nt know if they were interested in white men or not. I once read an article on Ebony magazine where it said a lot of young white guys get turned on by watching black girls dance on rap videos. But for the past five years, I have seen an increased of white guys-black girls together.

  • I was in a relationship and married a white girl for 10 yrs. Dated on and off for 1 year and then last 6 months I have been dating this black girl. She is the most amazing girl ever. She is super beautiful and treats me like a king! I don't see myself dating any other race but black (female) at this point.

  • YES!I find black girls very attractive. It all comes down to personal preference. Myself I prefer black.and hispanic women. am not attracted to the blonde barbie doll all american sweetheart type. I am a white male in early 40's this has been my preference since I was a teenager. interacial dating was not as common as it is now.i am glad this has changed but there are some that still have a problem with it. to me race does not matter, its the person that I am attracted to

  • They generally prefer women of other races. scienceblogs.com/.../...e669195a47e4-replyrate.png

  • Yes, many white men love black women

  • Hi, my name is Jon. I dated a black girl a few years ago. We broke up, but now I'm only interested in black women. So, to answer your question, yes I am very interested in black women. A lot of white men are starting to I think these days, I know quite a few other friends (who are white men) who like black girls a lot as well. Do you know of a good place for white men to meet black females? Just thought I'd ask. Its not easy being a white male and trying to find a black girl friend. I don't see that many black females at bars really. maybe one or to.

    • hi john i think you should start looking for them where ul find them most if maybe in clubs u sholud try the hiphop or dancehal kind of clubs,, am teling you coz yea am a chick and loves chick and am white but mostly prefer black and that were i get them

  • im white and I'm more attracted to black girls hands down don't knw what it is just am

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    • How old are you ;) ha ha lol

  • yes I date only black girls.. lol yes its tru . I'm italian from boston and I love blac girls.. now that I found mine I'm never gona leave her or cheat on her. at all.. love you stephanie .. if you ever get to see this.. so yes find the right white man and he will love you right.. I guess it not all about the skin color.. I just love darker women.. and she from trinadad and I'm from the beantown.. yep italian and black.. what beautyful kids we can make... ...may the children come in colors and change like leaves... my names chirs tardo from boston and I love my blk queen... steph

  • it's just plain sinful

    • I date just black girls.. I been dating the same girl now for 7 mounths .. now. not too long but I just wanna be with her I never cheat on her at all..... and love her very much. especially when her hair is natural... no need to weave. or anything and I don't care what any1 else thinks, at all. it about us... and yes her family excepts and likes me.. I'm full italian from Boston.. and she from trinadad.. and I love. her... yes ido .. stephanie cole.. umhumm my babi girl.. so yes we like

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    • LOL like white chocolate fix with fuge ,double sin fall lol

    • Hello,

      my name is miss Anira I saw your profile today at and become interesting to know more about you ,i will like you to send me an e-mail to my box

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  • i love black woman but have not had the chance with one yet.

    • I'M from ann arbor a and we have black neighborhood and I always see white girls with black guys.

  • i love black girls full stop.

  • I'm 22 years old and my wife is 21. We started dating when I was 19 and she was 18, got married when I was 20 and she was 19. I'm a white guy from Louisiana, she is a black girl from Jamaica. I've never loved anyone as much as I love this woman. She is the love of my life and has been since we started dating. We are expecting our first child very soon. We are friends with another couple where the guy is white and the girl is black, and they are getting married soon. In the area where we live right now, Sacramento-ish, CA, the only people who really do anything are black women with a mostly positive reaction, and black men, generally a reaction in the area of, "why is she with HIM?" We just don't let it bother us because we love each other. Honestly, if we were to ever split up, God forbid, I'd probably try to find another black girl. It seems as though black girls have more respect for themselves and their bodies than white girls do. Not to mention, my personal favorite hollywood hottie is Gabrielle Union. :D

  • I`m white and my girlfriend, my sweetest Baby is black. I didn`t choose her because she was black or I wanted to"try" a black girl. I just went to talk to her -at first- because of her smile. Then I got to know her and became more and more attracted to her. Even though she has two kids -and I was allways against dating girls with kids- now it is hard to imagine my life without them. So if You`re still wasn`t sure if white guys can be attracted to black girls, well I`m the perfect example. By the way, Dear racists, call me niggerlover if You like, I couldn`t care less.

  • Yes, I find black women very attractive. They've always liked me, so I just adapted, and I enjoy the cultural differences. In addition, they're smart and so sensual.

  • I love black women, I am naturally and physically attracted to them. They are smart and very nice to me. I have always had black women be attracted to me, so naturally I became attracted to them. I love their soft skin and their sensuality.

  • I'd like to date a black girl and I'm a white guy! I just never had the chance.

    • I always wanted to date white guys but I live in tennessee I have friends that said if I want to date white guys I have to move to a larger city is that true

    • Ok @nicegirl you shouldn't have to move to a larger city unless you just live in some little ol'dead town then yeah...your friends have no clue what they are tlkin bout no offense to them...@yaledude when you say you never got a chance to date a black girl or you just haven't dated one yet?

  • Well I'm a white man and have been with my girl for 3 years now and this subject always come into play as she is black and I'm white! You will always get drama, but to us it's not about color. We're together because we care for each other and its never been an issue of color with us. Our culture is very different, all it boils down to is haters from both races and racism itself. LOVE AND LET LOVE

    • Hello,

      my name is miss Anira I saw your profile today at and become interesting to know more about you ,i will like you to send me an e-mail to my box

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  • I like black girls. I'd date one, I find lots of them attractive, they're just as nice as white girls are, or any other girls for that matter.

    I do know a lot of people, however, who would think otherwise. There is still a lot of racism out there, so any interracial relationship is bound to draw a few bad vibes.

    Race is of no great importance to me in choosing a woman. Sexy is sexy, and I think a lot of people agree there, even if they are prejudiced about race in other ways.

    • Where are you from? If I may ask. I think where people live has a lot to do with the way people feel about interracial couples.

  • To be honest, I live in an area that is mostly white. I grew up here and I think there was one black person in the whole school. Crazy huh? It actually has started to get better over the years, and we do have more of a diversity.

    • Yeah my school only has five, I think that their should be more diversity in schools. Sorry that doesn't help you at all, but I as a girl don't see anything wrong with that. My step brother and his wife are like that an people don't seem to care

    • I loooovvveee black girls!! I'm from South London, England and grew up in a mixed area. I like white girls as well, but mainly with dark features, i.e. brunettes. Black women have lovely personalities, beautiful dark eyes that hypnotise me and mothwatering bodies! :) You go, sista!



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  • Yea, I know this is a late responce. But I want you to know, I think (as a white girl) white guys are attracted to black girls. It's like every other attraction, you just have to be appealing in the looks and the personality department. I also hope things work out with you and your boyfriend, and don't let haters get to you! :)

  • Well Im a black girl and at the moment I dating this white guy. It depends where you hang out who you will meet and who you find attractive. I met my friend at a bar, I was the only black girl there but I met my white friend and I really like him. White guys do find us attractive, you just have to find the right one. Also some are very shy to approach us because they think we are mean. Lol

    • Black girls are sexier. White men know that. White girls know that too. We all live the lie. And pretend it is not true. But Black bodies are definitely sexier than white bodies.

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    • I agree with you where are you from I live in tennessee and it very hard for black girls to get approach by white guys I have some smile at me.

    • I'm a 3 black woman who said I would never date outside my race. Recently I met the most wonderful white man who treats me like a queen. I'm still adjusting to the perils of interracial dating, but would not trade him for the world! The sex is phenominal too!

  • Just came accross this post ! I absolutely love it !

  • I'm black and French I was born in France my mother is black and my father is French.

    I came America when I was 4 and honestly all my life I only dated white guys. I am attracted to all races but I have only dated white guys I guess it just happens.

  • I'm the same! I'm attracted to everyone, but only a few white guys approach me. I guess its cool to see that white guys are into black chicks.

  • well I am a white guy and let me tell you they may be attractive but their wig isn't loud voice flashy clothes ugly shoes bad breath golden teeth nastyyyy full of only one thing celluites strechmarks and many other undefined things yuck I rather latinas most are dark tone but at least they have hotter complexions, no wigs, very loving, nice to their men, good food, funny and hot hot sexy

    • Lololol, you bloody twit. You don't even know if you are a man or a woman!

    • I was sceptical before to date a white guy cause people have said their skin flakes they smell fresh they don't bath and there thing is like raw sausage I have never dated any but I have meet some and they look good and smell good I will definitely date if I get a perfect gentleman been single for 5yrs so I can wait

  • Hey I'm a black girl and My boyfriend is white. He's the sweetest guy ever. I dated him because of his personality and his charming heart. He approached me after I waved him over. I felt him looking and so I gave him the chance and he jumped at it. I wasn't looking and neither was he necessarily but love just happened for us. We ironically are alike a lot to the point where I knew what he was going to say and what he felt and what he likes etc. and vice versa. I still do very much love black men and I'm still attracted but it wasn't working out and I decided to be open and try and not just flirt anymore because the attraction to other races was always there. FYI If a black girl flirts back ITS MORE THAN AN INVITATION but don't assume she's going to sleep with you unless she's truly pushing that point and that's what you would want. As any relationship it will be hard to find a person who you are compatible with regardless of race. But if you want to know women are the same as in how they are but you have to know black women will stick it out with you and they want 50/50 they will not back down all the times and will put their 2 sense. You just have to know the type of woman you want whether it be domineering, passive, or passive aggressive, submissive etc. When it comes to approaching them don't try a corny line or try to game them up, just be genuine and honest about how you feel because you will get further and its more respectful. What you see on TV is a big ASS PORTRAYAL tho there are women who are like that but its like that for all races not just ours. Yes we are different in public, bedroom, conversation and physically but my boyfriend loves it. I asked my boyfriend if I was his first black girlfriend and I was but he saw me and saw beautiful as where lots of white black Hispanic and other races (men) saw a fxck toy and basically what's displayed in media today. He loves my personality my smile and the physical difference with my rear but it was never about the color though he thinks my brown skin is beautiful. If you get the balls to approach her as you would want a guy to do so for your mother you will get further than you think and she will contemplate you. Be a chivalric which is basically open your mouth and talk to her after you guys feel comfortable enough ask those questions you were always wanted to ask abt cultural differences and don't assume or say something inappropriate- ASK First she will appreciate it and you will to. Don't be afraid to speak. They really just want an honest man and to complete them

    P.S. * Some have limits to their Freaktivity- anal is not an option for some!* it damn sure wasn't for me!

    Good Luck

    Good luck

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