Do white guys like black girls?

I'm a Black girl who is mainly attracted to White guys. Do any of you find Black girls attractive? Would you date one? Of the friends you have, how many of them care about what race their girlfriend is? How important is it to you?

Thanks for all your answers, guys! I'm currently dating an amazing guy right now! He knows who he is! ;)


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  • I'm a white guy who has really just started a relationship with a black girl. We're from Mississippi (The worst place imaginable for this kind of thing) and we've known each other for a few months through mutual friends. In March we started hanging out more and more and by the end of the month she was upset that people were talking about us being together and generally making us uncomfortable because we were worried about the other person being uncomfortable with the thought of dating a person of another race (which, by the way, neither of us have a problem with). I comforted her and asked if we could make it work, after that weekend the longest amount of time we've spent apart is 14 hours. We've had to separate for the summer since we're still college kids, but we're missing each other like crazy! Her family is a bit wary of me since they've yet to meet me, I still haven't told my Dad and Mom wasn't too happy to begin with, either. She's so nice and so special to me. It was odd at first, we both had problems fitting in growing up because we were smarter than our classmates, have odd habits and like to learn. I love her so much and sometimes when we're talking and she gets really sleepy, she lets it slip that she'd want to marry me one day... I could say the same if it wasn't so soon... I never had luck with women and to be truthful, not only is she my first black girlfriend, she's my first girlfriend, period. I hope that our relationship isn't temporary and that one day the time will be right to ask that beautiful woman to marry me.

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      Man I'm inspired by you cause I love black girls too but most of my relationships ended cause her parents didn't like white guys period

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      The devil has his dirt hand on you.

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      Wow, this is the same situation I am in however me and my girlfriend both live in England and now we had to separate because I went to uni in London and her being 1 year younger than me she has to study her last year of college and then hopefully we'll get to live together when she comes to study in London she's my first ever girlfriend and as in your case i'm white and she's black we don't care at all, and no body seems to really care but i would not replace her for anything in the world and just as you described we miss each other like crazy, we also talk about marriage and living together, i love our relationship, only thing that sucks is that i dont relaly get to see her so often which can get frustrating at times as i miss her so much my stomach starts to twist and feel weird, but when i'm with her it feels like i'm in heaven, personally; race doesn't stand stand in the way of love :)