Has anyone dated a Leo man? are they jealous? are they possessive?

im dating a Leo man, very good lover in all aspect but he is not JEALOUS at all.. however they usually are?


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  • 1. When you were born has nothing to do with your personality.
    2. I'm a leo and I'm basically hella chill. My sister is a leo and she's insane. My brother is a leo and he's an emotional wreck most of the time, my other brother is a leo and is super chill all the time.


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  • Well obviously I have not dated a cop, but I am related to several and know many more.

    Being a cop does not make someone a bad partner. Your friends will probably try to scare you with stories of cheating and abuse and bla bla, but the fact is, it's just a profession.

    The biggest thing you need to ask yourself is, am I strong enough to be in a relationship with someone in this profession. Hours are long and often young guys get the bad shift. You may spend some nights and weekends alone.

    He sees and does things that most guys don't, and he needs YOU. The numbe one reason for Leo divorce is a relationship where the Leo cannot talk to their spouse when they need it most. Are you willing to be there when he needs to talk about the gruesome crime scene he saw? Or, God forbid, the person he had to shoot? Cops are people too and will have needs, even if they look super tuff from the outside.

    I wish you the best of luck!

    • ... where did she mention he was a cop?

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    • Scary hahahha he is one actually

    • Dang, that is scary. So maybe that wasn't useless. Leo's and LEO's are good

  • I'm a Leo and I'm not a jealous person at all. Similarly, I doubt this guy conforms to many of the supposed Leo traits, as it's all a bunch of hogwash.

  • Sorry... are you really 27 years old and believe in all that bullshit? Sorry darling, but all that crap is aload of bollocks...


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  • Ain't some guys jealous and possessive when they have a girlfriend?