My boyfriend is a car salesman sometimes I get jealous of young women who are customers that he has. Why is this?

I had an argument with my boyfriend last night over a women around my age who came in to buy a car and my boyfriend is a car salesman. The girl texted him about the car the day before coming in cause she was coming back. I kinda got Angry at my boyfriend for giving his number to her yet he said he gives most of his customers his cell number in case. We started arguing over it and he's been cold with me since last night. What do I do? We have been dating for 6 months now


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  • I think it's petty to argue over that because as we all know cell phones are always on us, more than the work phone. She just text him bout the car nothing more, you have to acknowledge that you were jealous and that in the heat of the moment you didn't like it, but understand that its his job aslong as he doesn't cross the lines.

  • Dump him before he dump you