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After third date, still no kiss... a fourth date at his place?

I've been on three dates with a guy, we are both in our mid-twenties, he still hasn't kissed/hugged or even held my hand! We always have a good time... Show More

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  • Yeah, kiss the guy. Could be that he doesn't like rejection, and he's not sure whether to make the first move or not. To me, it's hot for the girl to be aggressive.If you just want to throw out subtle signals, sit closer to him when you're watching the movie, put your hand on his leg, catch his eyes every once in a while when you're close enough to make it possible. If that doesn't work, at the end of the night or the the timing is right, pull him close to you and look into his eyes, and if he doesn't seem to get it and you don't want to lay one on him, just lean forward and whisper in his ear and say "Kiss me."Have fun with it.

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  • He's probably worried about getting hit with a sexual-harrassment charge. Good luck.

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  • Kiss him...he probably doesn't wanna make you feel uncomfortable.

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