He calls me "babe", does he mean anything by it?

There's this that I've known for almost 2 years and we go to the same high school and we totally hit it off. We became good friends and we flirt a lot with each other. He's kinda cocky but I don't mind that because only I see his sensitive side. Anyways, we bump each other in the hallway jokingly and what not. He also calls me babe. Which honestly I really like. Like really really like. It makes me smile everyone time he texts or facebooks me that. He says like "oops gotta go babe. See ya". He's the type of person that jokes around to hide his feelings or emotions you know? We both are the kind of people who are too self conscious to take the risk of telling each other that we like each other and risk getting embarrassed or rejected. Do you think he is subtly saying something by him calling me babe?

I mean I can't get this out of my mind because I like him a lot. Like he is a guy that no matter who I have a crush on sticks out in my mind. I'm kinda of into horoscopes and I'm a capricorn and he's a gemini and although we aren't considered a good match, but a gemini is a split personality who one minute is flirty and the next is cold and he is just like that! and I read that somewhere that how to to attract a capricorn is to be cold on minute and warm the next because that type of person intrigues capricorns and makes us want more. It kinda of bugged me that he was so moody randomly but now I realize that him being like that naturally, naturally attracts me! thus he stuck out in my mind.

wow I kinda went on a rant there. well thanks for reading(: give opinions and what not!


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  • tl;dr. Sorry, babe.


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  • Okay you need to tell this guy. He obviously likes you. Like you said you have known each other for a long time... maybe you can go out to eat (even somewhere simple and comfortable like IHOP or applebees) You guys see each other a lot and he texts you and facebooks you. You are obviously on his mind. Now ofcourse friends text and facebook but not many call the person babe. Unless he calls everyone Babe. You say you both are the kind of people that are too uncomfortable to say something about this to the other. That's why you should go to a a resteraunt and relax . Go as friends, and maybe you can bring up the subject. Before I was with my boyfriend, he would be flirty and he would call me babe as well.. that's how it started. Neither of us have ever been in a relationship at all. So I was really nervous, but we are together now and we have been for over 3 years now and very much in love and he is my best friend. I can't imagine not having him in my life. You guys have to talk about this because if it turns out that he does like you, maybe he thinks you don't like him because you haven't said anything. If you guys talk and you decide to be friends then at least you can still be friends. But what I read from you, I think the feeling is mutual. I would say go for it. Take the first step!