He called me babe... Does that mean anything?

So this guy I've liked for a long while called me babe for the first time. Now, I feel like I shouldn't look into this. He was just probably joking since I acted like his mom/girlfriend.

Here's how our convo went down:
Me: Better not join your bro at the bar. I'll pull you by the ear if you do.
Him: Okay mom :P
Me: Good boy lol
Him: Naah that's weird, i'm older than you lol
Me: By like... 8 months
Him: Still :P
Me: Age is just a number :P
Him: Jail is just another room
Me: Okay, maybe it does matter.
Him: lol
Me: Still gonna make sure you don't drink. No smoking either
Him: Okay babe

However, he's been quite flirtatious with me. He brought up how we sounded like a couple and the idea of us cuddling/kissing/having kids. He's a jokester so I'm not sure if he was just playing around or if he actually likes me. What do you guys think?

He called me babe... Does that mean anything?
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