If a guy pays for lunch/dinner, is that a date?

Just wondering :)


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  • Not necessarily. It means you had a meal together and it shared a date-like component. You wanna know if it's a date, define it. Do you think it's a date? Do you want it to be a date? Does he? Ask him. It's not really a date unless you define it as such. Also please don't give me "why lable it?" or any of that. If you give me that, if he gives you that, it's BS. If he says no, then it's a no. If he dodges it, then he sure thought so, but if you don't think it was then it wasn't, and you may wanna make the distinction for him.

    good luck.

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      Thanks. Yeah, we just met on a business trip (nothing happened beyond the lunch date tho) and I doubt we'll see each other again anytime soon. So I was wondering if a guy would do that to someone who he probably won't see again for some time.