5 dates but still no kiss...

Okay, I (Im 31y.o) met this guy(age 36) online a month ago, and we went out for 1st date 3 weeks ago. We always have a great conversation and time. He is a engineer and he loves computers and all the technologies. So He is kind of geeky I guess.

Date#1: just meeting up at the beach and had nice dinner.

Date#2: We went to play golf and get some food after that. He hold my hand!

Date#3: We went to the zoo, and we were holding hands all day.

Date#4: We went out for dinner and spent time at his place.

Date#5: He took me out for lunch, and we watched movie at his place. He cooked dinner for me.

He treats me very nice. He always pays everything for me when we go somewhere. I offer him to pay but he won't let me. He also touches my hair and shoulder whenever we are sitting right nxt each other. He even told me that I could stay at his place over night several times(But I always go home to sleep). I think he likes me since he keeps seeing me and spending money on me. He leaves his apt keys for me to wait for him to come home when I have weekday date. That shows he trust me so again, I am assuming he likes me... I just don't know if he is going to kiss me. I have never met a guy like him so I really don't know what to do. I am not an initiator... or do I have to be an initiator this time? We do have some weird moment before I leave his place. He walks me to my car and gives me a hug... When he gave me a hug last time, it was nice and long. It was nice. But I am very shy, so I don't know if I can be an initiator! Do you guys think he is just being a gentleman or he is still testing the water? I'm confused...

I am going to have date#6 this Fri night, and I am thinking about staying this time to see if he is going to kiss me or not... Is that okay?


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  • Waiting for sex shows that he likes your personality and can see you in his future. Being over 35 and not even hinting at a kiss is a sign that he cannot read signs or is nervous/ scared. It doesn't make any sence to me secound date is best time. 5 dates with no kiss and you are dating harry or Lloyd from dumb and dummer

    • Sex is totally different level to us now. We haven't kissed yet. Haha.

      But why guys wait for sex if they see the woman in his future? That's just general question.

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  • Geeks take things slowly. Try to find a more isolated spot and lean in close to his face and smile. Lean it a bit closer... There you go. Now you've been kissed.

    • So you do think geeks take things slow... is it because they are shy?!

    • I've known some geek friends since high school. In high school, geeks are pretty much ignored by most of the girls, so they don't have as much experience and confidence often compared to the more popular guys. They're often looking for signs that it is "okay" to move forward with kisses and so forth. Generally speaking, if you make your hints clear like leaning in, you'll get the result you desire. ;)

  • i personally think he might be shy or is scared to have a bad impression on you is he makeout with you if he approaches you fast so I think he is going slow. why don't you give him a goodnight kiss on the next day and see what happenes

    • Maybe I can kiss him on his cheek? Do you think that's good hint for him?

    • yes. that is a good option too :D

      good luck with that :)

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