I have not heard from her after our second date. Please give me advice. Thank you.

(Ok first off let me start by saying that I do not want any negative sarcastic replies. This is serious to me thank you)

So it has been 3 days now since I have not heard from my date. We have known each other for a good 3 months. and started dating 2 months ago, but it didn't work out. But besides that. We started over and spoke to one another a lot in texts and instant messaging. (shes not a fan of talking on the phone) But anyways she looked like she prepared a lot the second date we went on. She kept checking herself of how she looked in the mirror of her car, etc. We had a great time, she cuddled with me as we played some video games, held hands while going to breakfast, I told her she's pretty, and have nice hair etc and she smiled. she giggled and laughed at things id say that weren't the funniest things. So at the end of the day when she needed to get back home. dropped her off mid point where we meet up. (haven't been to her house yet). we smiled, saying goodbye and hugged her, and we natrually kissed on the lips the firs time, and smiled, soon right after I told her to be safe driving back home and that was it. I hope I didn't rush leaving. People I asked said I didn't f*** up on anything. But I like to ask more people for advice on this. I contacted her a half hour after that moment, and told her I had a great time with her, etc. I know she said she was going to be busy, But that rest of the day I have not received a single text response back. I texted her again that night around 9pm (I dropped her off at 330ish pm) And still no response..the next day I texted her in the morning around 11am saying hi to her with a smiley face. Nothing. Then I asked her if we were going to go out with her friends that she mentioned on the date we were on. But still response, then I sent one more after around 5pm..asking if she was still wanting to do it, and hope I wasn't bugging her. since then I have not heard from her or texted her back anymore. which today now I have not texted or contacted her at all now. and as well as today so far. and no word from her. My sister told me to wait several days. like 4-5 days. and see if she comes to me. she thinks she needs time to get her emotions together, and maybe playing hard to get? People tell me not to worry. But I can't help but to worry D=

Thing is I can tell she likes me. In the texts etc we'd go back and forth with before the 2nd date we'd flirt and bit with each other of what "moves" to make and "finding out" what will happen. So does she like me still? I feel like I'm a bit paranoid over this. And I hate to wonder a lot. I am patient but would like to know what she's doing this. How much longer should I wait to contact her? Wait another 3 days good? I learned from after the first date she doesn't like clingy guys most women don't . so I limited my way of contacting her so much. That's why I have stopped contacting her after the second day. So can anyone help please? I really need the assurance and advic


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  • well first off, don't text so much! I wold of been annoyed by you after the second text when I did not answer. Half hour later was OK fine, but than you should have waited a day for her to text you and than if she didn't text you, you can text her. No need to text a girl couple of times a day when she is not responding, that is clingy and too much... now what you have to realize, us girls can act this way and totally change our mind about you the next day I have done this... do not text her at allll from this point, and wait for her to come to you and start talking. when she does, act casual don't ask why she didn't answer basically just play it off like it doesn't matter much to you but continue being yourself... guess it goes with playing a bit hard to get now, you were too available and eager with those texts. Chill out

    • Thanks, Yeah I'm going according this this since. I have not texted her since. Been over 2 days without contact. I'm hoping I hear from her before I try to contacting her again in a couple of days. I'm remaining calm, and have confidence. I don't want to make a mistake. So I stopped myself after 4-5 texts.

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  • She might just not be that into you. If I like a guy, I respond to his texts.

  • Just wait for her to respond. You've sent too many texts already without her responding.

    I think 4-5 days is too long to wait but you contacted her 4 times already. Just relax.

    • Yeah I thought I have..I made sure I was not clingy or anything, which I am not. I still have not heard from her. If I don't hear from her I'll try Tuesday then, if that's fine. I thought waiting till the end of this upcoming week is a little too long to me.

    • Nothing wrong with giving it one last try but after that, do not contact her anymore until she does.

      If from there, she still doesn't respond, then her silence is her "response", ya know?

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  • dude, seriously stop contacting her, if she is interested she will come back in contact with you, believe me I know from past experiences, its so much easier to give advice than to take it when your smitten with someone...do what your sister said and give it 4-5 days, by suffocating her your conveying clincyness and girls don't want that, they want to have their own life and your just a part of it.

    the above is all from experience mate, I did the same thing and lost a girl from it, it sucks and hurts big time but you will get over it

    if it was ment to be and she's interested she will come back in contact if not move on

    • Thanks man. Yeah I haven't heard from her still. But If I don't I'll try and give her one call. And leave her a message if she doesn't pick up..make it short and simple. But show concern. I just get nervous lol.

  • Stop contacting her and go on other dates.

    Either she really enjoyed your company or just weeded you out.