Guys, what do your kisses mean?

When you kiss a girl on the forehead what is the meaning behind it? Why about the nose? The hand? The lips?

Just curious:)


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  • When a guy kisses a girl on her forehead, that means the girl has used her brain or said something good,

    when a guy kisses on the nose, that means the girl is cute according to him,

    when a guy kisses the hand, it could mean many things-maybe he cares for you,some may do it to show their affection and love and some may do it to propose a girl- It depends on the situation and place.

    And if a guy kisses her lips means that he likes you or maybe he even loves you.

    Good question- I must say

    Fed up of the sexuality and how do I look like questions.

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      Lol same here...they're all the same.