Is it normal to get mad or annoyed when my boyfriend texts me too much?

My boyfriend asks me what I'm doing too much

Texts me & asks me what I'm doing when I say be right back

He texts me too much, like every minute even when I'm busy

I don't know maybe I'm being mean, but I hate when people text me too much & ask me what I'm doing who I'm with, where I am, back to back. Am I overreacting or is he the problem?


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  • No, you're not overreacting. Your boyfriend is either very, very insecure, or very, very controlling - and those two things usually go hand in hand. If you're getting annoyed, listen to your instincts. If you really like him, ask him to back off on the texts. If he cares about and respects you, he will. If he doesn't do as you ask, it's probably time to call an end to the relationship, perhaps for your own protections.


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  • Totally normal, that sounds pretty annoying.

  • have you told him. if you have not explained yourself, then yes, its immature & irrational to get angry at someone for doing something, they don't know bothers you.

  • Have you told him?

    Say, "hey ... I have a hard time getting stuff done when we're texting. I'd rather hear your voice anyway. What if I call you when I finish up with stuff."

    He's likely using you as an outlet because he's bored, which means he needs to find some hobbies.

    • I do tell him I'm busy and will text him when I'm done he still texts and gets mad that I don't answer

    • I meant, told him that it bothers you.

    • Yes I have told him it's annoying & he still does it