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When a guy uses your name in a text?

I feel like most guys I talk to don't use my name in texts. But sometimes or certain guys do. Does it mean anything?

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  • If it is the first text I initiate, and I had just met this girl and I'm expressing my interest, then yes I will use her name. Psychologists say that the more a person hears their name when a person is talking to them, the more they will like that person. That is a possible reason as to why he's typing your name in his texts.

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  • nope. some guys perhaps like using more formal language and including your name, others dont. xD. everyone is different.

  • the first time few times I text a girl I will generally use her name

  • I'm sure its different for everyone but I only use a girls name when I like her and want to flirt with her. It makes it more personal.

  • Interesting question, I wonder this about girls. When I text or speak to a girl I like, I usually use their name..

  • Looking way into it, it is just a text message. If he sent you a dozen roses and a letter expressing his feelings, then yea, it means something.

  • I always use the girls name. It doesn't mean much.

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