When a guy uses your name a lot while texting..?

Is it a.sign of interest? I heard that when a guy does this, it is a good.sign.

My crush does this often with me and it's especially evident while texting. He'll use my name, nickname and Ms. (my last name). Ex: if my name was Jessica Anderson he uses Jess, jessy and Ms. Anderson. Obviously there are other signs I think he likes me but I was wondering what you thought about this.

Homebody* and what do you know... He just texted me telling me to enjoy my vacation!mother guys I work with do this lol


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  • He's perhaps trying to make sure you don't think he is texting the same message to several girls. It's at least an indicator that he is thinking about you, but no-one is going to be able to tell you his motives. At the very least, he likes you and doesn't want to forget your name..

    • Yeah. Well I just try and think about it from my perspective. I don't text guys.names in the texts usually. But when I text him, I try to put his name in more often so let him know I'm thinking of him. But he definitely does it far.more often than myself. It's pretty evident if you were to read my texts, wow.he uses your name a lot lol

    • Maybe I'm odd, but if you use my name instead of something like hon, or sweetheart, it feels more impersonal and like a sign they are cold. Or they don't want to use a pet name for fear I will think I'm into them.

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  • There's a saying that the most pleasant thing for anyone to hear is their own name.

    Mentioning it often for sure is a friendly sign, but you have to look for something else too.

    • Thanks. The other signs are there as well. Seems like he likes me but just can't work up the courage to ask me out. Either that or I am completely reading his signals.wrong.

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    • Hahasorry I'm on my phone

    • I just asked him when we were gonna hang out. so we will see what he says

  • I don't feeling like stating the obvious possibilities. Here's something interesting to notice however.

    Saying the persons name several times in a sentence is a great way to make someone more susceptible to influence. I use this very frequently working in corporate project groups (to make my fellow coworkers take on more work). So it could be psychological. Does he ask you of stuff or ask you to do things when he mentions your name a lot? It's something to consider.

    • No.. It'll be like, have a nice vacation___, what is he saying ____, was he joking ____, will do ____, anytime ____, any truth to that Ms.____, thanks._______.

  • Using names makes every more personal. Getting personal is a sign of interest. :3

    • Agreed. Along with other signs, it seems like he is interested in me.

  • People like to hear their own names, he's just being direct with your name to make sure you know he's giving his attention to you.


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  • It's a pretty good sign that he does, or it could mean that he's just comfortable with you.

    Would be easier to tell though if you said what other signs that he likes you, but it looks good so far.

    • Other signs seem to indicate that he is interested in me. It seemed like he was open to the idea of hanging out this week but he is very busy with work and withouta car for the next few days. When I asked him when we were going to hangout, he said he didn't know, he was still trying to figure that out.if he wasn't interested he would simply say no or something goofy to drop the subject so I'm gonna take this as a good sign lol

    • It's not a bad sign at least.

      So good luck ^_^

    • Thanks. I'm on vacation so hopefully we go out when I get home

  • I call my friends by their first name in text all the time, guys and girls.
    I do it because i like it. So I don't think it's something intimate.


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