I don't like texting my girlfriend.

My girlfriend always wants to be texting. Typically, I don't mind that. As long as we are having a decent conversation and its interesting. With her, however, I feel like she's texting me just to text me and its frustrating. The majority of the time I'll send a sentence or two her way, and she replied with 1-4 words and a smiley face. Its just annoying to work with when she always wants to text and her replies leave me to assume she is disinterested so I would rather end the conversation. If I don't reply, in about 15-30 minutes later she'll send another text checking up on me and asking why I didn't reply.

It just feels like I'm either texting a really bored person who doesn't care, or an infant.


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  • She probably doesn't have much to say, yet she likes for you to keep texting her to feel you close somehow because she likes you. Though, I understand how that could get annoying. She seems a little immature but it's normal at that age. I'm not sure how you could mention it without making her feel bad or uncomfortable about it.

    Perhaps next time she asks why you didn't reply, answer with "You seem quite disinterested in the conversation, considering your reply's are limited to less than 4 words". And so forth or somewhere along those lines.

    Anyway, good luck with that!


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  • It's good you bring that up because I wanted to know from a mans persective how a girl tjhat constantly texts is. I should have realized that everyone is different and that not all men like to constantly text there signifigant other. I think the more you show excitement and interest in other means of communication she will stop texting you so often. Just make it clear to her that texting is not your favorite way to communicate with her. She'll get the hint.

  • So what is your question?

    I would text her this post... I think you have a very valid point! I would tell her for sure. Is it only texts that are this way or are conversations in general this way with her?

  • Haha, that is funny.

    Did you tell her that? I can imagine how annoying it could be.

    She probably just likes your attention.

  • Tell her!

    I actually hate texting. I'll only do it if I can't call, and I can't stand chit chat, so I feel you!

    • Ugh, its annoying. So she told me she had to pee, and I told her to do a dance, I bet it would be rather adorable. Her reply was "You wish." and 20 minutes later, she gets my attention by texting me "bitch."

      Pffffft. Yeah I'll end up saying something soon.

    • Wow I wouldn't stand that ha ha you've got willpower, my friend!

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