She cancelled but offered to reschedule?

Trying to set a first date with a girl. She gave a pretty legit excuse and said she was really sorry and wanted a rain check and said how about the next weekend. I was chill with it, it didn't bother me, but I've been looking online and people are saying that if she reschedules she must not be all that interested. I just thought that stuff happens sometimes and that's life but maybe I'm naive. Is it a good sign if a girl offers to reschedule or is it one of those "too nice so waits till I give up" type of things?

So is it up to her to confirm the date when it comes up or up to me? I don't know, I just have a feeling she might forget (might be lack of confidence). I'm picking her up.


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  • It's a first date - of course she's not that interested yet. She doesn't know you too well yet.

    But she postponed, not cancelled, and gave an alternate date, not just a handwaving in the future some time.

    Give her the benefit of the doubt.


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  • I doubt she's playing you like that. If she makes it to the date the next weekend, you know you had nothing to worry about. If she reschedules again, then it's time to be wary.

    • @update: just call and confirm a day or two before.

  • Yeah, if she doesn't like you she will simply stop contacting you and won't return your calls.

    See what happens next weekend. Just assume it's a go.


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  • If she asked for a rain check then I take her cancelling as something got in the way that she had no control over. If she suggested next weekend then she's making time for you.