FWB, Blocked, Unblocked...Confused?

I'll try to make this short. Last year I ran into an old family friend. We lost contact but at that I was close friends with one of his family members and became close to extended members of his family. He had mention to a cousin (who I was friends with) that he had an interest in me. The cousin got us together and we started "seeing" each other. He would talk about having a family with me and us living together. A few months into us seeing each other I told him I might have cancer. He totally stopped texting me as much as he used to etc. but he would still take me out and spend time with me but I noticed he became distant. During our time together I would barely talk or open up to him I know it bothered him cause he would tell me but I told him I was just very shy around him and I was intimidated by him. But really now I think it was that I just had walls up and didn't realize it at the time. Anyway things got crazy...i freaked cause I thought I was losing him. didn't help that I started to send lots of I miss you text when I didn't hear from him and I started to "complain" about me not seeing him as much as b4. Even on holidays like Xmas and Valentine's I got him something but he never got me anything. Not that I expected anything but it would have been nice. He had a few times even told his coysin that he didn't want anything to do with me yet he would take me out even to expensive places. Anyway he eventually blicked me on his cell and fb. I ended up making a new fb due to an ex bothering me and thought I should message that guy. The 1st reply he said he wanted to b left alone that he didn't care about me etc. I replied and said I wished him the best etc and over the holiday I wished him well and he replied and wished me well also. I still am close with his fam...my question is if he didn't want me to contact himat all why did he respond to my messages instead of just blocking me? Is there still hope for us?

Some advice or feed back would be greatly appreciated.


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  • At AnonGuy thanks for your feed back. I thought it did have something to do with having cancer but wasn't sure since when I have asked he never gave me a clear answer. I did notice a change in him after But he still would take me out even after knowing that I might have cancer (no its not terminal). The thing that has me confused is that after things got complicated (not just from the cancer situation) he cut off all ties to me. But then I made a new FB as stated above. I sent him a private message just saying hi etc...and he never responded. after some time went on I sent him a message and he was pretty mean but instead of sending a rude reply I just sent him a nice message back wishing him well. I thought he would have blocked me by then but he didn't. I sent him another nice message later and he responded and he was nice and still I haven't been blocked. I don't want him out of my life...to be honest I love him and his family. would you think there might be a chance to fix things? and why hasn't he blocked me if he had said he doesn't want anthing to do with me? sorry about your dad...but glad he's cancer free =) and thank you for responding.

    • Whether or not your cancer is the cause, something significant has happened in his life (or just in his mind), that has caused his attitude change, and it sounds like it's not worth wasting time on him anymore. It's not likely you'll be able to change him. You seem too nice to put up with his coldness. Just because he doesn't block you on FB doesn't mean you have a chance with him. I think you're wasting your time on this guy now. Sorry.


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  • So you're certain that his attitude change came immediately after you told him about your cancer? It sounds simply like he doesn't want to be involved with someone who has cancer. I'm sorry to tell you. It's a difficult situation for everyone. Is your cancer terminal?

    I can understand how he feels. My father had throat cancer which is now in remission. I use to take him to chemo 5 days a week. It sucked for me and sucked for him. I couldn't imagine being in his position. It would help a lot to have a SO, but this guy you are talking about has no obligations to you yet, so he's getting out now.

    • I think I replied on the wrong part of this post by accident instead of relying directly to your comment...lol

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