Why does he text me every other day?

I've been dating this guy for 2 months. We see each other a lot and we're even hanging out together on New Years Eve. In the beginning, he used to text me every single day. But lately, he's been texting me every other day.

What is up with that? Is there a reason as to why most guys do this?


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  • All guys do this.

    So what you do right now is ignore his texts and take the same amount of time if not more to answer his texts.

    This male behavior is what I call the "Needy Chick Test". They start ignoring you or misbehaving as toddlers to see how you react. If you continue to immediately answer his texts or if you begin whining about him ignoring you, you enter the Needy Chick category who can easily be walked over and ignored.

    It has nothing to do with you... its just male DNA f***ing with your head. So relax and do something else like read a book or go out with your friends. Life is short and you shouldn't waste it thinking about a guy who might be or might not be your future boyfriend/husband. Actually the more you obsess about him the more you will loose your cool when you interact with him. Keeping your cool is very very important because you have to maintain the illusion that he has to win you over.


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What Guys Said 2

  • to keep you interested rather than boring you, or more likely he's busy, or perhaps he feels more comfortable with you so he feels he doesn't HAVE to text you as often

  • If I was doing like this because I was thinking overtexting might get you bored or I might be busy ,pls do ask him is he really busy or tensed about something ...


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  • I have the same question and am dealing with similar right now. It is like a game of "I may appear to be0 interested but not that much", this kind of guy dangle just enough attention to keep you around but not really all that into you... that is my guess. I just act like I don' t even notice he didn't message the day before... but I think if the pattern continues, I should just stop entertaining him...