Guy started off texting everyday and now only texts every other day is that bad?

Everything started very good and he would text me every day, we would stay up really late talking. Said I made him really happy, calling each other "babe...". Fast forward two or three weeks and now he has been texting me every other day for all of last week and has continued up until this week. He has been claiming he's been very busy lately and I've answered "It's OK I understand..." And all the right things. As this continued I was getting worried and I asked him if he was still "feeling it?" If not he could tell me and that it would be fine. He said " yes I've just been really busy lately," I haven't asked him why he's so busy or what he's doing not wanting to pry nor have I told him that it is making me insecure that he doesn't text me everyday since this is an online, long distance kind of thing. I've still been getting responses after every one of my texts. I even tested him once and didn't answer him when he texted me "hey" one day and he texted the next day saying "hey!" Once again which I later said I was busy which I was and further explained to him. We joke around and I usually keep the conversation light and playful, and throw in a bit of flirty. He recently put on a message "you're something else." And when I further asked him about it he said he meant it in a good way but didn't elaborate. I'm insecure because I'm starting to think he wigged out on me after I told him I had a trip near him soon and if he'd be willing to drive there and meet me. He said "sure why wouldn't I?" And everything went smoothly after that but I did notice that the every other day texting started shortly after that. I don't know what to think of it, is it OK for him to text me only every other day? What does it mean? Should I text him first occasionally? Ps: I always wait for him to text me and we've never actually met in person but we have Skyped multiple times.

Yesterday he got on the site where we met up on yet didn't text me all day. He was obviously not too busy to get on the site. We're not anything yet but I'm prett why mad because he lied. If he really iked me he would text everyday whenever possible and he didn't do that yesterday. He's probably going to text me today but I don't know if whether to confront him or not


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  • Hey you're totally over thinking this! The guy is busy and can't stay up late on his phone. Every other day is definitely frequent. Maybe take a step back yourself and keep yourself busy so that you're not too hung up over it. Also I don't know how long distance it is, but try to meet up during the weekend and just hang out and be with him :)

    • Can you let me know what your thoughts are after the update?

    • Ps us getting together for the weekend is not that easy he's 8 hrs away

    • Either he's busy or has lost interest. Try not to get hung up on the fact that he was on the site but didn't talk to you. I think that you're focusing on this one guy too much. Keep him in contact, but try to talk to other guys both on the site or locally. Locally preferred.

      Also you seem to be waiting for him to contact you. Guys want approval too! You might want to shoot him a text to see how he's been

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  • It's not a big deal. Things slow down, the pace was only fast to spark interest between the two of you. It's human nature to be dealing with other things, especially because contacting each other every day will sag interests on both parties.


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  • Girl you sound just like mee! Your going to drive yourself crazy, especially if you asking him what he's doing and noticing when he's on the dating site. Online dating can be weird and if you haven't actually met the guy yet, usually texting every day only lasts for so long. Every other day is still pretty often to be talking, but you really can't expect the guy to always hit you up every single day. It doesn't mean he doesn't like you. You have to be patient and give him space. But make sure you meet up with him soon. The only time you should worry is if he starts to ignore you.