Does my guy friend like me like that?

I have a guy friend who I’ve known for about 9 months. We became friends because we shared some similar interests and I've never liked him like that. One time when we were texting he suddenly said “i love you” but quickly said he was sorry and that someone had taken his phone and i never thought much of it. A few months later he told me he was lying and nobody took his phone but i kind of just brushed it off. After him and his girlfriend broke up he would call me almost everyday and would say “i love you” before hanging up which was weird because he's usually quite cold and rude, feeling bad i would say it back but i only meant it platonically. He also started calling me “shawty” and “mommy” jokingly. Now he got a new girlfriend and has stopped calling me everyday but we still text almost everyday because anytime i have stopped texting him he only continues to reach out to me even when he is dating someone. Do you guys think he likes me like that or simply sees me as a close friend?
Does my guy friend like me like that?
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