Boyfriend hasn't responded all day is that bad?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months and we have had to be long distance for two months. His parents are completely strict and make seeing each other difficult and nearly impossible since he has gotten into town two weeks ago. We always talk everyday even if it is only one or two texts. The other day he told me that once we go away to college (since we got into the same school) everything will be easier and he told me how much he cares about me. Yesterday (the day after saying all this) he didn't respond to any of my texts. He is the type that only says what he means, but I'm scared something happened. I know that I have not done anything wrong. Am I overreacting or should I be worried?


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  • It's just one day. Calm down, I think you're overreacting. He could just be busy or going through some personal things. I seriously don't think you have anything to be worried about. So, just wait and see if he contacts you and if he doesn't then you can call or text him and ask what's going on. Give him some time though.

    Don't only depend on him for your happiness. Sometimes it's good for couples to take a day or two apart. Go out and do something fun for YOU. Don't just sit at home staring at the phone, that will make you feel worse and that's when all of the scenarios that most likely are not even true start popping up in your head. Hang out with your friends or something. I'm sure he will contact you soon:)

  • He's probably busy with friends (like it or not, he DOES have a social life outside of you :p)


    His phone is dead/broken. My phone decides randomly not to receive texts for hours/days at a time and then I get flooded by like sixty at 11:30 PM three days later.


    He's been away from his phone. My boyfriend gets no service in his basement so on the days he spends playing video games we don't talk. He spends 6+ hours down there at a time. There's no reason for him to go upstairs anyway since they have a bathroom, bar, and food/drinks down there.

    My guess would be you're overreacting. Just go do something fun with your girl friends for the day. If he doesn't reply by tomorrow, then you can be worried because then he might be dead or something.