Guys. Why would you call a girl sexy. Especially on a first date? What are guys thinking? I need advice.

I went out with a couple of my gf's and my friend introduced me to a guy her uncle knew from work. That night I met him, her uncle and the guy took us out for a quick bike ride on their motorcycles. He ended up texting me after the ride telling me that he likes a sexy girl on the back of his bike. I was flattered. We ended up going on a date a couple of days ago. Went out to eat and watched a movie at his place. It was good even though I had to keep up the conversation or it would get awkward. Pretty much just talked about himself.

It was OK until he dropped me off at home later. I was walking almost past his car to my front door and he just grabbed me and kissed me. I thought OK he just wanted a kiss, but them he started trying to play 'tonsil hockey' and started trying to kiss my neck. Let's just say it got weird. I stopped him and told him I had to go after I knew he was getting a little excited if you know what I mean. Especially after he said he's been waiting to this all night.

Well today is the first day he texted me and pretty much mentioned I had very kissable lips and wouldn't mind having them around anytime. He keeps calling me sexy. Nothing else. He never once mentioned he had a good time and about anything else about the date and going out again. He just invited me to his house asking if "This sexy girl would come see him tonight"...

I think it's a big turn off when a guys tries something like that on a first date. I don't know if I'm considered a prude or whatever but I don't find it respectful. I feel guys like that only want one thing?

Can some of guys tell me if I'm wrong or why a guy would a guy call a women only sexy? Especially if they just met. Any advice would help..


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  • Okay, he probably had some poor timing with the kiss.

    For the rest he was just speaking his mind.

    If something's respectful or not is all down to the individuals upbringing imo.

    Judging by his actions (inviting you to his house so soon), it seems to me that he just wants a 'fling', not a long term thing. But of course, I can't read his mind.


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  • It seems he only wants the physical part of yourself. He is very open and straight to the point about it which is not very common. YOU DONT EVER HAVE TO ASK IF YOUR WRONG FOR THE WAY YOU FEEL! The way you feel is the way you feel. in the end if your not comfortable about the things he does than don't waste your time.

  • Just a guess, but I'd say the guy is mostly just awkward, horny and hung up on physical sex. Unless you really like him a lot for some reason, this is probably a relationship that would be more work than it's worth.


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  • He probably only wants sex from u