She texts back fast but with short answers, shy or not interested?

So this girl I work with looks at me a lot but never really talked to me. I made some small talk with her and found out we're both struggling with the same class in school. So the next time I saw her I asked if she wanted to exchange numbers and maybe help each other study. She smiled real big and said she probably won't have time to study but she will still give me her number. She was fumbling with her phone too, it was kind of cute.

I started a random conversation that night and every time she responds it's usually very short and hard to go off of. Yet she will reply to me within the minute, maybe two minutes tops. It takes me a lot longer to respond because I don't know exactly what to say to her responses though.

Is she just not interested, or shy, or what?


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  • Well I think she might be shy , and dosent know exactly what to say to you if you guys don't talk to each other often or know each other well enough.


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  • You guys should talk more in person! that will make your texting a bit more interesting and 'fun'.


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  • If you get short replies maybe they are busy. Sometimes I text in short answers if i'm busy. Don't read into the short text messages as not interested, best to feel it out in person. Only you can decide for sure if the both of your are feeling each other.