The 8 Best Joe Santagato Videos

For those of you who don't know, Joe Santagato is a comedian on YouTube.

How to Get a Date

Even after a few beers he is smarter than most people.

What'd you say? Part 3

For those of who don't know, that's his brother in the video with him.

Mad Lib Madness, Part 4

Only on Craigslist, Part 3

Worst Tattoos Ever, Part 4

Idiots of the Internet

Compare that to-

Idiots of the Internet, Part 10

People of Walmart, Part 5

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What Guys Said 3

  • 1mo

    He seems interesting

  • 1mo

    Coolness! Ill have to check them out sometime. I'm sure they will be very enjoyable (unlike a certain video on here everyone is getting annoyed at). Seriously Ilove standup comedy and improv.

    • 1mo

      His videos seriously brighten up my week. I guess you could consider his videos improv. But he should seriously do standup.

    • 1mo

      I really like comedy and stuff like SNL and Mad TV along with Whose Line Is It Anyway. I like it when things can be parodied or made fun of yet in a respectful tounge in cheek way.

  • 1mo

    Thanks for sharing
    I'll check it out


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