10 Points That Make Harry Potter the Best Fantasy Series Ever

I guess we all watched this great series and personally I lived inside it, so I can easily get you 10 points that makes this great series the best fantasy series of all time.

10- Quidditch

I don't see any other fantasy series having sports in it and such a major sport, too.

9- Voldemort's arrogance

it shows us that Evil can't be perfect it will always have flaws.

8- Importance of friendship

Harry would never have been able to beat Voldemort without his friends, and he needed them in every single task in each movie.

7- Each character's death had a meaning

Let's take them one by one:

Cedric Diggory: innocent people die everyday

Sirius Black: Harry will suffer the lack of parent/guardian

Albus Dumbledore: even when the leader is gone we have to keep fighting

Hedwig: The end of Harry's childhood

Alastor Moody: even the toughest people will die

Dobby: the loyalty and heroic death of even the smallest creatures make us cry for days

Fred Weasely: the great losses of war; even the people we can never imagine die

Remus Lupin & Nymphadora Tonks: the orphanage results of war

Collin Creevy: heroes can be so young and innocent

Severus Snape: you can always change your ways

Tom Riddle, Lord Voldemort: evil will always fall

6- The connection between events in all 7 parts

All of them led to the Battle of Hogwarts and the resurrection of Lord Voldemort.

5- Ron and Hermione's love story

We all knew from the beginning that they would end up together but the details that led to this were quite impressive and interesting.

4- Applying the three brothers story as Voldemort, Snape and Harry

They didn't own the Deathly Hallows each but they were just like them.

3- Nobody has ever gone this far in Magic

The magic in this series was very detailed and accurate: the variety of spells, hexes, jinxes and magical creatures was one of the best things in the whole series.

2- The plot twist of Severus Snape

Some people consider this as their favorite moment in the series and no one can deny that it was amazing and changed all of our feelings toward him.

1- Living with the characters through all their life stages

This is my favorite thing about the whole series and I think it's what made it special. We lived with Harry and the characters in their late childhood and we saw passion and excitement; we lived with them when they were teens and we saw the disturbance and the adventure spirit and bravery, and we lived with them as adults and we saw how they were great parents.

I will be glad to know your opinions.


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  • The Harry Potter series isn't even the best fantasy series starring a Wizard named Harry.
    That goes to the Dresden Files AKA the Best Urban Fantasy Series Ever Made

    • Why you say so?

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    • Ok ignore the t-rex comment ''Harry was riding thestrals and dragons''. I'm crap at writing/explaining things.

    • I have to add though... I mean dragons and hipgriffs were in folklore etc. T-rex's are millions of years old that just seems a bit crazy for me personally.

  • The series got ruined when they got the new dumbledore and new director. The new 1 was always a massive dick and was unnecessarily serious and over dramatic. The new director made the series a lot darker than it should've. They also fucked up the 5th book, didn't do a great explaining shit with the new director and the 7th movie was a shit show... they also made the movies very generic. Like, none of the newer movies were really memorable. Like, it was all muddied and drab. Nothing really stood out like the 1st 2. And to validate how they ruined the series, the 3rd was my favorite book of Harry Potter, but the 3rd worst of the movies.

    • Maybe they couldn't give out a great movies but the books were great , it had a lot of things that they couldn't contain in the movies specifically the 5th part it was the biggest book and it had so many details in it they shouldn't have ignored it because that's what made it great , it's surprisingly connected details but the books were LEGENDARY and in this Take I'm not talking about the movies only , I mean the books in the first place

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    • The 1st 4 he was trying to prevent Lord Voldemort resurrection but after that the Dark Lord was already there he needs to fight him do it won't be separate adventures

    • The 1st 4 were adventures, but they were getting somewhere with each of them. The problem with the last 3 is that she muddled the plots. They were so unmemorable to me. I knew what happened, but there weren't really any scenes that made me really happened. Like, they were just plot points

  • The only people who think Harry Potter is the best are the ones who haven't read the Dresden Files and the Codex Alera.

    Other commenter's point of zombie t-rex is not even the whole story. Spoiler alerts bitches: Can call demons to his bidding, made the spirit of an island that is the warden for entrapped evil monsters his bitch, banged a vampire, destroyed the ENTIRE RED COURT, is the Winter Knight basically betrothed to the unfathomably hot newly turned Winter Lady Molly, is best friends with a Knight of the Cross, died, kicked ass as a ghost, then came the FUCK BACK.

    Potter got punked around like a bitch and lost hottie Hermione to little emo ginger who probably wears skinny jeans.

  • Thanks for doing a my take. I absolutely love the series and don't think I'll ever stop watching it and reading it over and over

  • good take

  • My #1 - All those bestiality references hidden in plain sight inside a Children's story.

  • Sirius Black ftw.

  • Agreed <3.

  • I enjoyed reading the books. I was disappointed by the later movies. In terms of being the best fantasy series, no. Have to give that one to either Tolkien [Silmarillion, The Hobbit and Lord of the rings] or King [The dark tower saga, especially the first book - Gunslinger].

  • Excellent points, I like the series, it's definitely one of the best fantasy series of all times.

  • Heresy !!!

    But really nice take not a huge fan of the series but some cool points

  • You misspelled "Lord of the Rings".

  • First time I had properly cried was the unravelling on the Snape plotline...

  • Most of these points you'll see in almost every movie. The good thing was the connecting the events between different parts. But really what sold it was just that it was aimed at kids and young teens, and there weren't really any other decent films made for those ages

  • https://goo.gl/images/R7zX2h
    No1 these three little hotties.

    • Who didn't masturbate furiously to each one of these girls?

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    • @Somewhat_Normal you can't have a love story without a sex scene.

    • Sure you can, but it'll just not be as exciting or interesting in some aspects