Revenge On My Sister?

I have a sister who's been treating me like trash lately. We share a room and always leaves it a mess, and somehow expecting me to clean it. She doesn't know how to respect my belongings by borrowing my clothes (and eventually ruining it, because she's such a fat person), and even wears my shoes (and she's a size bigger than me). And complains heck of a lot!

I want to do something really awful to her. Something that will make her cry so bad, she'll wish she actually had a life.

Suggestions anyone?

>Towson_Desi: I agree with that you're saying. The thing here is that I've been nothing but nice to her. She always asks me to do stuff for her, like covering her for chores or whenever she wants to go out. I'm not that bratty at all.
BTW, I was always scolded by my parents because of her. I even got grounded for 2 months because of what SHE did.
She took (and LOST) my phone charger just now. AAAARRRGGGHH!


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  • Let me tell you something about me really quick.

    I have two older sisters (and one younger but she has nothing to do with this situation) who are pregnant, along with me. So all three of us are pregnant together (except I live 1,000 miles away in Texas while their both in Chicago). I had horrible, awful morning sickness in my first several weeks. I was down all day, every single day. Once in a while I'd get on Facebook and say something like "Not feeling well today". Well, they BOTH twisted it around and told our mom that all I'm doing is complaining and that I don't even want to be pregnant. My mom is also on Facebook, so she went back and looked at my status'. A few even said "I'm really sick, but it's all worth it". Other people were saying things to me too because my sisters were lying to them. At first I thought it was my oldest sister, because all she does is gossip. My older sister has always told me up front any problems she had with me. This time she went behind my back and totally betrayed me. And when I went to ask her a question about taking medicine while pregnant, she told me she didn't want to talk to me if all I was going to do was argue with her and complain. I asked if that was why she refused to answer my phone calls and texts and she said yes. I cried and cried to my husband I was so hurt, which made him furious and he has lost all respect for both of them.

    We hardly talk now. And when we do, it's really short. I got a quick text from my older sister with her new phone number. And a message on Facebook from my oldest sister with a quick hello. That's it. We used to talk weekly, sometimes daily. Part of it now is I have finally got a doctor so I stopped asking for pregnancy advise. But we all know things just aren't the same. All because they gossiped and lied about me.

    But their my sisters. I love them unconditionally, and I would never, EVER try to get revenge. I would never purposely hurt them because they did it to me. Because that makes me just as bad as them. When I turn the other cheek and show humbleness and forgiveness, it only makes them look bad and me look good.

    I shared a room with my little sister too. These things happen no matter what, trust me. It's a part of having siblings. But making your family hurt just because your angry makes you just as bad, if not worse. If you don't mind looking like a heartless bitch, then I guess go for it. But people won't respect you. Even your friends who think it's "funny and cool and you showed her". They may be on your side, but they will loose respect for you for taking the low road.

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      Haha, that wasn't "really quick"

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      I don't think showing the sis how angry she is makes her a heartless bitch! Her sister has already lost respect for her by letting her carry on this behaviour when she is nothing but nice to her. I don't agree with making her cry as this is a very juvenile way of dealing with a lack of respect, but showing her what it feels like for your stuff to get used is ok & may help the annoying sister to get the messege about personal property. This girl will get more respect by not acting like a doormat!

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      I didn't say she shouldn't do anything at all. I was telling her what I did in my situation. The best thing she can do is talk to her parents and let her parents handle it.