Revenge On My Sister?

I have a sister who's been treating me like trash lately. We share a room and always leaves it a mess, and somehow expecting me to clean it. She doesn't know how to respect my belongings by borrowing my clothes (and eventually ruining it, because she's such a fat person), and even wears my shoes (and she's a size bigger than me). And complains heck of a lot!

I want to do something really awful to her. Something that will make her cry so bad, she'll wish she actually had a life.

Suggestions anyone?

>Towson_Desi: I agree with that you're saying. The thing here is that I've been nothing but nice to her. She always asks me to do stuff for her, like covering her for chores or whenever she wants to go out. I'm not that bratty at all.
BTW, I was always scolded by my parents because of her. I even got grounded for 2 months because of what SHE did.
She took (and LOST) my phone charger just now. AAAARRRGGGHH!


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  • Let me tell you something about me really quick.

    I have two older sisters (and one younger but she has nothing to do with this situation) who are pregnant, along with me. So all three of us are pregnant together (except I live 1,000 miles away in Texas while their both in Chicago). I had horrible, awful morning sickness in my first several weeks. I was down all day, every single day. Once in a while I'd get on Facebook and say something like "Not feeling well today". Well, they BOTH twisted it around and told our mom that all I'm doing is complaining and that I don't even want to be pregnant. My mom is also on Facebook, so she went back and looked at my status'. A few even said "I'm really sick, but it's all worth it". Other people were saying things to me too because my sisters were lying to them. At first I thought it was my oldest sister, because all she does is gossip. My older sister has always told me up front any problems she had with me. This time she went behind my back and totally betrayed me. And when I went to ask her a question about taking medicine while pregnant, she told me she didn't want to talk to me if all I was going to do was argue with her and complain. I asked if that was why she refused to answer my phone calls and texts and she said yes. I cried and cried to my husband I was so hurt, which made him furious and he has lost all respect for both of them.

    We hardly talk now. And when we do, it's really short. I got a quick text from my older sister with her new phone number. And a message on Facebook from my oldest sister with a quick hello. That's it. We used to talk weekly, sometimes daily. Part of it now is I have finally got a doctor so I stopped asking for pregnancy advise. But we all know things just aren't the same. All because they gossiped and lied about me.

    But their my sisters. I love them unconditionally, and I would never, EVER try to get revenge. I would never purposely hurt them because they did it to me. Because that makes me just as bad as them. When I turn the other cheek and show humbleness and forgiveness, it only makes them look bad and me look good.

    I shared a room with my little sister too. These things happen no matter what, trust me. It's a part of having siblings. But making your family hurt just because your angry makes you just as bad, if not worse. If you don't mind looking like a heartless bitch, then I guess go for it. But people won't respect you. Even your friends who think it's "funny and cool and you showed her". They may be on your side, but they will loose respect for you for taking the low road.

    • Haha, that wasn't "really quick"

    • I don't think showing the sis how angry she is makes her a heartless bitch! Her sister has already lost respect for her by letting her carry on this behaviour when she is nothing but nice to her. I don't agree with making her cry as this is a very juvenile way of dealing with a lack of respect, but showing her what it feels like for your stuff to get used is ok & may help the annoying sister to get the messege about personal property. This girl will get more respect by not acting like a doormat!

    • I didn't say she shouldn't do anything at all. I was telling her what I did in my situation. The best thing she can do is talk to her parents and let her parents handle it.

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  • I would like to judge you from your question. Maybe your sister is being that way because of the kind of sister you are. I don't care how much worse than your sister my sibling was, I would never write these words for him/her:

    "I want to do something really awful to her. Something that will make her cry so bad, she'll wish she actually had a life."

    Bottom line, no matter how badly she might be treating you, she's your sister. If you treat her really nicely, take her sh*t, and go the extra mile in being nice to her expecting nothing in return, she will realize sooner or later that she's not doing the right thing. And then she will have a lot of respect for you. Even if she doesn't, coping with your "spoiled" sister will make you a better, more patient, tolerant and likable human being. From what you wrote, that is not an illustrious example of a likable human being.

    • I agree with what this guy said

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    • I disagree, man. you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. people treat you the way you let them and if this sister of hers sees she's tolerating her crap and being nice to her, she'll just get pushed over and abused. trust me. everybody's telling this girl she needs to be a better sister, but nobody's saying her sister's an asshole for treating her this way. I don't get it.

  • You sure to bitch a lot for someone who's supposedly 18 to 24. Most people that age tend to know how to work past petty difficulties.

    • If somebody's disrespecting you, I'm sure you'd be bitching too, regardless of your age.

    • Who are you to tell somebody they should be more mature or anything I'm pretty sure you have done some really childish things latley and so get off of the question if you can't be helpful and right about know ur bing bitchy childish and mad and I reaally don't care!!!

    • BeyoundConcieted,

      At least I know how to spell and use proper grammar. She put herself out here, I gave my opinion. Furthermore, if you didn't care you wouldn't have posted a response to my post. Get over it.

  • if she has anything of a diary you can snap some pictures of that and upload them online for all too see. Same thing goes for her texts (snag the phone when she's asleep?). Something that embarassing would be infinitely worse than anything physical you could do to her. Guess you could try some laxatives if you're up to it, slip it into her food during breakfast and she's going to have a very fun time at school.

  • A Chinese saying concerning revenge :

    "When he is hurt or done wrong by an enemy the wise man shall not take revenge. He shall sit on the downstream riverside, wait and do nothing.

    He will not have to wait long before he sees the dead body of his enemy floating down the river."

    (implying that this enemy will probably also hurt other persons who will then kill him and save the wise man the trouble of doing it himself)


  • Get a safe or a lockup where you can put your stuff away and she can't get at it.

    Steal her things and sell them on ebay...

    Find out what her favorite, most fattening food is and the use the proceed from her ebay sales to buy some and leave it out for her...

    and remember

    Revenge is a dish best served cold

  • hide all bras and panties?

  • Revenge will only make it worse. Just continue doing what you have been, and be nice. You're showing her that you're a better person just by doing that.

  • When I was an adolescent I'd have gladly exchanged my two brothers for one sister like yours

  • you should try acting the same .. she sure will understand how it feelz .. or if you want worse than that .. fire her hairs .. roflmao ..

  • Trim your pubes on her stuff.

  • For the record, I agree with Towson, however, that's not what you asked, so...


    this site/myself can not be held responsible in any way, shape or form (earthly or otherwise) for anything that may occur if you decide to embark on one or more of the schemes outlined herein. Ok? Good.

    1. Meddling with Tea/Coffee: This is very simple. NB: when I say meddling I do not mean poisoning. If you dislike your sister, offer to make her a drink and then either use the teabag to wipe the floor before use, spit in the drink, or wash the cup in loo water. If she really deserves it, do all of the above.

    2. Hiding stuff: You may scoff at this but believe me, people are known to be very possessive of their stuff (especially those who write their names all over them). My hint to ensure the full effectiveness of this is to embark on a campaign. Start off small with stationary, then move on to her dolls/teddy bears, eventually moving up to the big items such as her vibrator. If you do this campaign over a number of days, believe me your sister will be a quivering wreck by the end of the week.

    3. Sign her up for a dating scheme. You can do this by either placing a classified ad, or if you are able, by signing her up to various Internet dating sites. If you can get into her computer, then you could take it a step further and sign her up to lots of sites which will send her junkmail. This revenge trick gives plenty of room for creativity.

    4. Fish. There are many different ways to use fish in revenge. If you can, (and this will need careful planning), you can put a fish into her handbag/sports bag. You do not want to suffer from the smell, but if the fish is placed at the bottom of the bag, and the bag is closed, then the smell will get worse with time. Timing is essential. If her bag is never left unattended, then you could always try the coat pocket.

    5. Glue her to her chair. Superglue is a bit excessive, but you can find another type of glue (get some advice from an expert in a glue shop). If you do this, make sure that no one else sits in her chair. Glue could be substituted with toothpaste or even paint.


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  • I know some of the best ways to get revenge on somebody,and I could tell you...

    OR you could be the bigger better person,the person who looks back on all this years from now and tells the story of how she was such a cow and you accepted and loved her regardless ;o)

    She most probabley feels worse then you for ruining your clothes-she can't fit into them,how do you think that feels? she has to live with that everyday-put a lock or a padlock on your wardrobe if you really can't bear it.

    Dont clean up her things,only clean up yours-she is not your responsibility and she will soon get tired of having her things messed up.

    The best way to get at someone who is being a pain in the butt is to appear nonfazed,its very hard to do and you need an oscar-award winning smile but its worth it.

    Let her do whatever she wants and simpley treat her as if she isn't doing a single thing to annoy you,and watch what she does,but do not put yourself out for her,do not do her chores or anything unless she shows you more respect-then you can at least be smug that you have risen above it.

    A good few years ago I had a chocolate advent calender in my room...well one morning I got up and opened the correct date and the chocolate wasn't there,i checked the next day-same thing gone.

    My little sister had snuck into my room and thoughtfully scoffed every single one of them and shut all the little doors up again after she was done.

    I knew it was her and I told my mom,who didn't believe my sister would do such a thing,my sister completely denied it with all the innocence of an angel.It was years before I got her to admit she did that lol.Sorry that's nothing to do with your situation it just made me laugh remembering it.

    Anyone with brothers and sisters goes through this and at the time its majour drama,but one day you will laugh.

  • i would like to say that the people criticizing you for wanting to get back at your sister either don't have siblings or don't have mean, manipulative, asshole siblings like you (and i) have. just because you're family, it doesn't mean you have to like or even love each other. people are people and believe it or not, family members hurt family members - purposely and repeatedly just because they think they can. everybody's not all 'sisterly' and bonding 24/7 like the Brady Bunch. The reality is that most family members hate each other.

    I don't think anybody should be calling people immature or mean for wanting to get revenge on someone just because that person is family. you aren't in their shoes and you don't know what they have to go through with a certain family member. I personally cannot stand my two sisters. I don't even like calling them sisters - it feels dirty to be related to them because they have done nothing but make me feel like sh*t and treat me like sh*t. I'm not going to love them because I 'should'. love is earned like it is from any other situation and if somebody mistreats me or hurts me - I'm not going to love you. simple as that.

    rate me down all you want, but don't go criticizing this girl because you're not living her life.

  • Make all of the stuff she uses of yours inaccessible to her and start using her stuff, she will soon grow tired of it and realise that it is a two way street.

    Embaress her in front of her friends by joking about how she has ruined your clothes, but DO NOT make it nasty as this will make you look like a bitch

    Plead with your parents - is there any way on earth that you can get your own space?

    DO NOT MAKE HER CRY! At the end of the day she will come out looking like the person who is willing to share and you will end up looking like a cow, why would you want to damage your reputation? And making her cry will not stop her from using your stuff it will just make her hate you

    • That is true. I kinda have a soft spot for people who cries. Damn me and my sensitivity!!

    • Haha, man this anonymous123 really knows how to get even. though the side effect is, if people could know that you're so deceivingly evil from the inside, no one would date you.

    • Towson Desi - I am not decievingly evil. If a person refuses to respect your private property then you have the right to stop them in a reasonable manner. If this means showing them how it hurts to get your personal items used and even damaged. What part of that is evil??

      Gently making fun of this sister in front of her friends is also perfectly acceptable, as long as she is not destroying her sister emotionally!!

  • revenge is never a good thing. tell her to be more responsible and it's not attractive that her crap is all over the place. if she doesn't listen to you, calmly tell your parents about this and hopefully they can discipline her or give her a talk at least . hopefully your parents will be responsible. never good to be vindictive

  • I have two bitch ass sisters just like this. I'm the youngest and they think they can just run over me. to be honest with you, from experience I've learned that seeking revenge will only get you in trouble with the parentals.

    my advice to you is to hide your stuff, the really, really cute things in another room so she can't get it.

    - split the bedroom in half and clean your side only. she'll start to realize what you're doing.

    - you also need to tell her very firmly to keep her hands out of your stuff.

    have you tried complaining to your parents? possibly getting another room? nag your parents every time she does something, but be respectful about it. eventually they'll crack and tell your sister to stop, just so you'll stop complaining :D lol it doesn't stop things completely, but it does slow it down.

    • Trust me, there is NO way to respectfully nag a parent. No matter how "nice" you try to be, it still only bugs them more and more. And most parents don't crack...they end up cracking down on you instead.

    • When I complain to my mom about my sisters, she talks to them about respecting me more. I didn't mean nag, but at least let your parents know what's going so they can see that's it's a frequent problem.

  • i know you're frustrated but unless you want to become a horrible person yourself, you don't wanna try to get "revenge."

    Just remember that the wheel or fortune, or what we perceive to be that, is constantly turning. it's likely her chance to be on bottom is coming. Don't wish it on her.

    Try to get along :) somebody has to put a stop to this and the only person you can control is yourself.

  • A lot of people are giving answers to this question, but they are intending on hurting her physically. Gluing her to a chair won't make her cry, if you wanna hurt her, go for emotionally and only you know what really hurts her.

    On the other hand, do you not think that its a bit immature to actually want to hurt your sister not to mention being extremely bitchy back? I mean yeah she takes your stuff and is messy but she doesn't do it with the intention to actually hurt you, not the way that you are with her. The question is though- How do I get her to lay off my stuff and clean up?

    Just tell her let her live like a pig- clean up your side of the room. Your stuff though as someone else said, hide it, lock it in your wardrobe or something where she won't get it, or simply just tell her to leave it alone and go shopping with her for some nice clothes too.

    There isn't an easy way to sort out your predicament, but to be honest, your sister isn't a bitch she doesn't mean to do this to you she just does out of her personality, she has a messy personality. The bitchy sister is the one who is out to emotionally hurt or physically hurt her sister...Think about it. Someday she might not be there for you when you need her. "I'm not that bratty at all" Now, I would say that's a lie, but its not. You are not a bratty child or sister. Your just conniving and bitchy.

  • wear her clothes

    GET FOOD ON THEM some but on every pretty cloth if possible :O

    take her nail polish and empty some out and put in some water

    hide your favorite clothes

    hide your favorite things

    in creak and corners lik the space inbetween your desk and wall

    set her watch/ clock some time slower so that she will always b late

    hv password on everything

    if she has a big mess of papers take an important looking one and wet it, rip it, AND FINALLY FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET >:)

    unplug her stuff

    spam her email, there are actually website that cn spam an email with a load of junk if you just enter their email address

    prank call her from private numbers

    hide her important but not everyday things

    ask for a lock 2 lock your stuff

    make thunking metal sound in the kitchen after you ask her if she wants a coke/sprite/ etc soda drink, then shake it lik hard 5 times not 2 much because then it will be suspicious, then gv it 2 her and wala boom soda drink in her damn face :P

    put her underwear in your parents drawer lik in the bottom

    it will b embarrassing for her 2 ask (make sure it is her favorite) your parents and yea...

    i personally HATE my sister >:(

    and you better be thankful because I wrote this 4 times so I lost good ideas and got new ones

    first I didn't hv an account

    second I didn't activate

    third my computer crashed because it was out of battery

    fourth this time

    and all four time I didn't copy it or save it somewhere else :'( so I had 2 type it so many times :'(

    my email it

    this is not my real email but I do check it sometimes ;)

  • Well what I did to my sister was set her alarm to like 4:15 in the morning and I hide her alarm clock to where she can't find it or tape it to the ceiling so she can't get to it , glued some of her makeup stuff together and super glued it to her make up bag.. ( I did this all in the same night because she made me so mad..) Then I went outside and got a bunch of dog crap from the neighbors dogs and stuff then hid it in the back of her closet ( I wouldn't do this if you shared a room though..) then I have a cool recipe for you:

    1. Get peanut butter and chocolate syrup

    2. Put two spoon fulls of PB in a bowl and then add some syrup to match it...

    3. Put the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds...

    4. When its done stir it till mixed..

    5. Get it out with your hands and form it into poop!

    6. Use about 3 paper towels to get all of the oil out of it...

    7. Use it for a plan that will make her sick to her stomach like put it in her bed at night then sit on her with your pants pulled down and make sure you wake her up... ( put poop on her face)... Act like you are sleep walking then grab the poop and start eating it then lay back down in your sleeping spot! It is hilarious to see their facial expressions!

  • I really argree with towson and timberlake they both are right no matter what ur sister does she's still your sister and even though you can't stand her you still have to live with her buttt it dosn't make it any better with her acting like a totally and complete asshole face it your sister is just a self centered bitch! and she needs to realize that b4 she can changeand nothing you do will change that not even making her cry judging by the what she does to you it sounds like it's going to take a lot to make her cry!

  • Bring over some friends and have your side of the room really clean and her's a pig stye and make fun of her. Bring over a guy and have him say how disgusting she is. That will show her!

  • THATS WAT HAPPEND TO MY BITCHY SISTER! SHE ALLWAYS GOES "u so UGLY!" and she goes" I'm going to date the guy you have a crush on HEHEHE" she HAS DONE THE B4 TO ME, SHE WENT OUT WITH THE GUY I LOVE AND she went 2 the movies with h

    im, and asked ME 2 GO! I HATE HER I HATE HER! I want 2 kill her! she's very MEAN! she expects me 2 let her borrow ALL my SHOES AND she messes them up with her HUGE FEET! AND SHE ALSO WEARS my cloths, and wen I ask her 4 sumthing , and SHE SAYS NO, she asks me, and I SAY NO. then she takes advantage and always says "IM GUNNA DATE ____ BCUS UR BITCHY!" "__________" means the guys name I really LIKE. I HATE HER! PLEASE SUM1 GIVE ME SOMTHING 2 DO 2 HER 2 GEET REVENGE! >:D HELLPP MEE! <:(

  • THATS WAT HAPPEND TO MY BITCHY SISTER! SHE ALLWAYS GOES "u so UGLY!" and she goes" I'm going to date the guy you have a crush on HEHEHE" she HAS DONE THE B4 TO ME, SHE WENT OUT WITH THE GUY I LOVE AND she went 2 the movies with him, and asked ME 2 GO! I HATE HER I HATE HER! I want 2 kill her! she's very MEAN! she expects me 2 let her borrow ALL my SHOES AND she messes them up with her HUGE FEET! AND SHE ALSO WEARS my cloths, and wen I ask her 4 sumthing , and SHE SAYS NO, she asks me, and I SAY NO. then she takes advantage and always says "IM GUNNA DATE ____ BCUS UR BITCHY!" "__________" means the guys name I really LIKE. I HATE HER! PLEASE SUM1 GIVE ME SOMTHING 2 DO 2 HER 2 GEET REVENGE! >:D HELLPP MEE! <:(

  • Don't fight fire with fire. You have to be more mature than she is. I have a lot of problems with my sister but I would never do anything worse than verbal abuse to her, and I always feel bad about it later. If you ignore your sister and make her pull her own weight around the house, she will learn to respect you and your belongings. If it doesn't work, try consulting your parents. Maybe you can switch rooms. Good luck : )

  • jeez...thats what sisters do. my sister does all of those and worse but I would never want to hurt her...Well ok maybe I would but I wouldn't actually do it! She's your have to work through these problems without ripping apart her self esteem.

  • I think you should take something like vanilla extract, hot sauce, pickel juice, lemon juice, or onions and rub them on just below her nose while she's sleeping. She will freak out in the moring when she constently smells one of the above.


    totally you should frame her something like take all your parents money and hide it were ever she normally hides and then tell on HER!


  • before you embark on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves.

    --just sayin...

  • I have the SAME problem with my sister but she takes all my things without asking all the time.. constantly and doesn't give a flying f*** when I scream and yell at her about it.. I lock my room but she takes a credit card now and goes right in. We have seperate bathrooms and I will go downstairs get in and mid shower realize that bitch took my shampoo conditioner and soap out of it. I pay for all this stuff myself by the way. My sister is very very very spoiled by my parents and for years we have been treated very differently. I worked and felt bad taking all my parents hard earned money from them. I bought my own clothes, jewelery, beauty products. My princess sister takes tons and tons of money from my parents. They don't even have cable anymore! They constantly are sacrificing for her. And I mean, food, gas for her car, car insurance, cell phone, money for booze, beauty products, clothes, shoes andything and everything. My prblem now is that I moved back into the house due to financial difficulty but I still pay for all my things. She now thinks since I'm there its a free for all. Anything I have is hers. I told her again and again to stop f***ing going in my room and taking my sh*t without asking. She replies with you take my stuff. Which is BS! I NEVER go in the bitches room ever! EVER! Because I genuinely have respect guilt and a conscience. Wha should I do? Its getting out of hand. I'm thinking about buying a padlock for my room. I can't move out just yet.

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