Why do guys call girls "babe" and "baby"?

OK guys, why do you call girls "babe" and "baby"? (just wondering)

and girls, what do you think when a guy calls you that? do you like it and think it is kinda sweet, or thing it is annoying? (I know personally I like it, but just me)


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  • the reason most guys do it and my belief is, baby refers to something small innocent that needs protection from the world, so a guy calling a girl baby tends to be that he sees her as something for him to protect and take responsibilty for. yeah not exactly female equality but...

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  • We call our girlfriends babe cause we usually can't think of another nickname. I use a varity of names like cutie, gorgous, beautiful, sweet stuff, etc. I've been called babe once by a drunk girl at a concert for picking up her cowboy hat, it was cute but in a weird way. :P

  • hahahha good one,but really donno...maybe thts wht shoots out of the mouth more often for a girl


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  • When my Boyfriend calls it, it's OK. I like it, and I call him babe/baby too. But if some random guy off the streets calls me baby, like if I hold a door open on my way out as a common courtesy and some guy who thinks he's got swagger says "thank you, baby".. totally disrespectful, unwarranted and definitely unwanted.

  • i like being called baby girl by bfs lol

  • When my boyfriend calls me it , I think that it's sweet .

    But if someone I just met called me 'baby' - I'd think that they forgot my name & it's just weird .

  • its cute:)

  • I think it is sweet. I was talking to a guy for a while and we were so off and on. One day he called me babe which was something he doesn't do often and from that point on our relationship got serious. I think it also depends on which context he says babe or baby. If he is being sweet then its ok... but if he is trying to holla at you then NO!

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