Would guy normally choose friends over girlfriend?

my Boyfriend always put their friends in piority that's make me mad!

and when we are chatting he will off when his friend is around!

he say I am number 1? does that means he is talking rubbish?

why he want to choose friend over a GF?


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  • It happens and normally this type of guy see you just as a lover he won't be that kind of boyfriend who is your boy and your friend.

    Do you feel his your friend? I guess he is not always there to talk to.always attentive and stuff like that.

    that's why if he wanted to have more you would be like his everything.and have a more important value and his life.

    Really I don't like guys who have lot of friends.

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      I agree with u:) but he have less friend so he treasure them so whwnever his friend ask him out he is willing too. and he even say he want more friend, so meaning I will have lesser and lesser time with him sigh-

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      If I were you I would let him know that I understand him but I have my expectations about him otherwise you will be frustrted ..and come on who wants to be frustrated in a relationship?