How to get ready quickly and efficiently (for women)

Many women complain it's too much effort to get ready to go out. They feel they have to consume too much time to look awesome or otherwise they go out looking bad. Sometimes they even decline to go out for this very reason, because they don't feel up to doing all that effort to look good. But there is a way to make this process easier.

1. Make sure your wardrobe and your make up cases are all organised and ready to use.

How to get ready quickly and efficiently (for women)

A common problem many of you face is you can't find anything to wear, even though your wardrobe is full of things. If you wardrobe is a mess, you tend to forget what's inside and you can't find your stuff. Then, another common reason is having too many trendy/edgy/statement pieces and not enough basic clothes, or that generally your clothes don't get combined together. Or you haven't still figured out in which clothes you look the best yet.

If your wardrobe is neat, and everything inside is stuff you wear, clean and ironed, and your makeup is all in one place and your brushes are clean, then you 've saved yourself a lot of time and effort. So, donate everything you don't wear, doesn't fit or is too old. Repair holes, rips, lost buttons, too long trousers, or give them to a seamstress to do it for you. Throw items beyond repair, don't keep them, not even to wear inside the house. If there are clothes you want to keep, but they don't fit you, put them in a suitcase. Also, make sure that you own basic pieces of clothing, that can be combined in many outfits, some statement/signature clothes according to your style, shoes for each occasion, a ready outfit for a funeral and one for a wedding. Make sure you own some layering pieces ( eg I alwas seem to forget to buy new tights, they get holes all the time!).When you buy new clothes, think if they match anything you own.

Go through all your makeup products, throw away everything that has expired, give away anything you don't use, or put them in a separate place. You can keep them all in one bag or drawer, you can organise them into categories or have a makeup vanity to keep them.

2. Make sure you have done all other beauty processes beforehand.

It's better to have a bath when you wake up, before you go to sleep or after working out, instead of before you go out. When you have a bath, you can take care of all other beauty processes that need to be done each time, like doing hair and face masks, shaving, plucking eyebrows, manicures, penticures, hydrating creams etc. If you do these in the last moment, you 'll get anxious, you 'll skip them, or you 'll get very late.

3. Start with a clean slate and a good mood.

Remove any make up residues, and clothes. Wear a robe. Thus, you won't get any makeup on your clothes, you won't ruin your hair undressing, you avoid going out with what you currently wear inside the house and you 'll feel nice while getting ready. Be calm, put on some music if you want to. If you're stressed, you are prone to mess up.

4. Do your hair first

Hair is hery important because it frames the face. It makes a lot of inpact on how you look, even more than clothes and makeup. Studies have shown that bad hair has a negative impact on your mood and confidence. So do it in a way you know looks good on you. Don't experiment with hairstyles right before you go out. If your hair refuses to cooperate, be ready with an alternative, like an updo or a braid type. If it's not washed, put some dry shampoo or baby powder or cocoa powder on the roots, to absorb the extra oil and make your hair more voluminous. You can postpone washing it for 1-2 days with this technique. While you do it, think of what to wear.

5. Put on makeup

Do your make up, again in a way you 've tried before. Do as much work as you desire, or as the time you have allows. Stuff like liquid eyeliner and conturing need a lot of time, while stuff like mascara and lipstick can be done more quickly. Do your eye area first, because this way it's easier to clean any smudges or products that fall on your cheeks. While you do it, think of what to wear.

6. Get dressed

Whoever has emptied half her wardrobe on the bed, after she tried it on, and then collapsed on top over it, raise your hand! Aren't we all guilty of that?

First of all, think of the temperature and where you're going. Then pick a piece of clothing you 'd like to wear and think of what to combine it with. eg pick a pair of pants, then find a T-shirt that looks good with it. Dresses are easier to wear than separates because they are a ready-mady outfit. Then find underwear, they are important because they are the base of the outfit. Also, at this point you could look for some layering pieces, like a cardigan, and tights if you're wearing a dress. Then find shoes. Pick some accessories, like jewellery, belts, scarves, gloves, hat, etc. Finally, pick outerwear, like a leather jacket, a coat, a cape etc, and a bag. Now that you have everything strewn out in your bed, or in a chair, wear it and you're ready.

To save up time, think of what to wear as you do your hair and make up. Also, have some default outfits ready, for when you have no time to pick an outfit. Have four outfits for a special occasion, one for a summer/spring wedding and one for a winter/autumn wedding, one for a spring/summer funeral, and one for a winter/autumn funeral, because these things sometimes come in unexpected times. Don't experiment with new clothes' combinations and styles when you get ready to go out. Find some free time to play dress up instead. Have a full length mirror in your room so you can check your outfits from every angle. When you go shopping, it is very helpful to have in mind your body shape and a sense of your personal style, not as a set of strick rules, but as a general guideline, so that you can buy clothes that suit you and not feel dissapointed because nothing looks good on you.

And that was my guide for getting ready quickly and efficiently! Did you find it helpful? Do you have any tips and tricks you wish to share? Do you have any other problems concerning getting ready, you wish to find a solution for?


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  • I am frankly quite thankful being a simple guy. I have exactly 1, yes ONE, type of everyday clothing that look exactly the same. White button down shirt and dark jeans. I also have only 3 types of shoes: everyday, hangouts and formal.

    I have a closet full of exactly the same type of shirt and jeans. I might sometime squeeze in a light colored shirt and sometime light colored jeans and leather shoes if I am not working. I have some formal wear for the occasions though.

    However, I really do appreciate the time and effort women put into prettying themselves. Sometimes, seeing a pretty woman will just make a guy happy for the whole day even though the guy has nothing to do with her.

    • For a woman there are many choices out there concerning what to wear and sometimes it gets confusing. That's why it's a good thing knowibg what looks good on you.

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  • This is a good MyTake on how to get dressed in a pampered but efficient way. I appreciated your picture selection. It was a nice feminine touch. It can be a hassle to get ready quickly and completely if things are messy, you need a shower, and your face is having a bad day (ex. acne that you want to cover) but I think your take is a good reminder to be as prepared as possible every day so that you can get ready as easily as possible while still presenting the best you.

    • Tell me about it! I used to take a really long time getting ready, plus I wasn't thrilled witht the results, so I realised something was wrong. I searched around to see how some bloggers, celebrities and pin up girls get ready, and how they organise their clothes and makeup. It's a good thing to pamper yourself a bit, it makes you feel good about yourself

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    • thank you for mho

    • You're welcome!


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  • hahaha @BumbleSuperBee remind you of your take ;) lol

    • Hahaha yea xD apparently there is a solution!

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    • Well, that myTake wasn't necessarily about me, I worte it to explain to guys why girls in general take long.

    • alright, I'm sorry to assume. But many women do that actually, as you pointed out

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  • very nice take

  • Fantastic โ˜†โ™กโ˜† Our crowd of friends has this designated friend whom we all take shopping with us when we go shopping for particular types of outfits. She'll tell us what looks right and what doesn't. She's brutally honest, like the Simon Cowell of Going Out Clothes. That way we all have outfits put together in our closets and know if they work or not beforehand. It takes lots of time, guesswork and anxiety out of the whole process:)

    • It must be nice having such a dependable and knowledgeable friend. I usually go on my own for shopping

    • The buddy system sort of keeps us coheshesive:)

  • Love you for this, thanks! <3

  • Just curious, honest question, how long does out-of-bed-to-out-the-door usually take for most women?

    • Doing my hair and makeup and getting dressed for a night out usually takes me half an hour. I think it's common for women to need at least 20 minutes to get ready.

  • I loved this. I agreed with it all until the underwear part. What do your panties have to do with anything about the outfit?