5 Simple Clothing Items That are Just Comfy As Fu** ;)

Clothes... we wear em' everyday (unless we're nudists)....they give to us a "look"..but some of them are really comfy and still make us feel "free" to some extent.....even though while wearing them people are like:

5 clothing items that are comfy af ;)

1. Hoodies :p

Awww man hoodies are comfy ...too comfy

2. Leggings <3

I could literally live in leggings...they ain't thick...and the patterns on some are unique...you can barely feel em'...even tho some might say "leggings are not pants...but eh....who cares ? ;)

3. Loose t-shirt ;)

Loose t-shirts are very comfortable especially if you've worn tight fitting clothes on that day

4. Sweatpants ;)

So comfy! :)

5. Flip flops ;)

Still considered as a piece of clothing (i guess?) flip flops are.....amazing....i can go everywhere wearing them :p

GAGers what's your most comfy outfits?


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  • I may be the only guy in this world who likes sweatpants on girls and my girlfriend seems to love me for it :)


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