All My Beauty Secrets...Shh, Don't Tell

All My Beauty Secrets:


💚Olive Oil treatment
💛Cantu Shea butter for dead ends, its a leave in conditioner
💙Chia or Biosilk oil for shine
💜Never brush your hair in the shower, I've heard it causes hair loss
💚Pantene Shampoo conditioner
❤Try to use less heat whenever you can, it can dry hair out to much


❤I wash my face twice a day
💙I drink Aloe Vera water
💛Drink lots of water
💜Skin brightening face moisturizer
❤Matte foundation
💙Vitamin-E oil is anti aging
💚& Face exfoliant

💛Jergens Dark Tan lotion, you have to rub until it all dry so it doesn't leave lines
💜Rub baby oil on your skin right after you get out of the shower then dry off
❤Sugar, lemon, olive oil mixture for exfoliant
💙Gluta Max skin bleachin deodorant
💚RepHresh! ✨
💛Angel Soft Fresh Lavender Scent toilet paper, for when boyfriend is over 😛
💜Veet Wax Strips
❤St.Ives Lotion✨


👀Liquid Eyeliner
I have oily skin and liquid dries with less smudging

💅Nyx White Eyeliner
I have small eyes

😍Great Lash Mascara
Best for making them look longer & Loreal Black
Voluminous for thicker lashes

Khroma Beauty eyeshadows
are my favorite right now

💆Urban Decay is the best foundation I have it was $40 😅
Cheaper one is Covergirl

💄Stilla Liquid Lipstick in Rosa pink, it make my blue eyes pop ✨I love matte anything

👄Too faced lip injections

My Closet goals👗✨

I like anything classy but a little sexy other days just casual.

I'm always trying be strong and strive for modesty even though tanktops and booty shorts are fun. Lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • I wish there were three extra hours at the beginning of the day just to focus on all this stuff. XD


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think looking young and beautiful is a combination of genetics and environment. Both my parents don't use any of that stuff above, and apparently, they age extremely slowly compared to their own age group and ethnic group. I think the most important things are a balanced diet, some physical activity, and hygienic lifestyle practices. How one goes about doing those things varies from person to person.


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