Girls- have you gone topless tanning before?

This summer in Europe (where topless tanning is common) I am tempted to go topless at the beach. I am concerned as my breasts are fairly large and don't want them to look too sexualised.

How many other girls have gone topless at the beach before? If not, have you been topless elsewhere (like at home?). If you have, where was it at and what size are your breasts and would you try it again?


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  • If you don't feel comfortable being topless in public for whatever reason then don't take it off. Maybe start with being in a 2-piece suit just to get the idea of how it feels to be in that place. And then if you feel like you can take the next step, take the top off. I doubt that anyone will point at you because of your bust. Being topless at the beach is not about showing off or being sexual. It's about relaxation. Focus on yourself - how you feel. Enjoy the feel of relaxing on a beach chair under the sub getting your skin naturally tanned. Imagine how you will look once you're done.

  • I've been out on beaches topless, though not tanning (I don't go out to intentionally tan), but being a guy that's not really surprising.

    If you're at a topless beach in Europe, then chances are you'll be one in a crowd and it'll be no big deal.

  • Wait for me and I will come with you to make sure you fit right in.


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  • Yes, been topless many times at the beach and at parties at home.
    First time it would be weird, then you will get used to it and feel more comfortable.